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Zensah Compression Sleeves Review

Zensah Compression Sleeves Review – review of the fashionable Zensah Fresh Legs Compression Sleeves. Zensah makes compression leg and arm sleeves for men and women.

Whether I think back to my waitressing days or when I was pregnant (or even now when I’m on my feet for too long), I have always felt that my legs get to a point where they tire and ache.

I received a sample of the Zensah Fresh Legs Compression Leg Sleeves to review. They fit from below the knee down to above the ankle. They come in more colors than you can imagine, and they are available in multiple sizes.

I was impressed with how well Zensah Fresh Legs Compression Leg Sleeves were contructed, and how well they worked. They’re not just some generic “support hose” that you could pick up at the drug store, Zensah Leg Sleeves are manufactured in such a way that they increase circulation and oxygen blood flow for maximum relief, using the Pin-Point Compression. The Zensah products are the same type of support garments you see high conditioned athletes using and the same durable products that physicians recommend for leg pain and swelling. One trial run wearing Zensah Fresh Legs Compression Leg Sleeves at the grocery store had me convinced that if it’s good enough for an NFL linebacker, it’s good enough for me.

It felt like my legs were being hugged. Zensah Compression Sleeves are not overly tight by any means. They are very comfortable, and I definitely noticed that I was able to be on my feet without feeling the achiness I normally do. That’s something I wish I had during my pregnancies. Without the sleeves, I typically need to elevate my legs for relief. I’ll put it this way… If I had to give these back today, I’d buy another pair tomorrow.

Zensah sells MANY different compression products… socks, leggings, shorts, gloves, ankle supports and more. If you are interested, they are holding a giveaway right now for a free pair of compression socks. All you have to do is “like” them on facebook and enter your name and email to enter.

You can visit the Zensah facebook page here. You can visit their website for more info on their support and athletic products here.

I hope this Zensah Compression Sleeves review is helpful.

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