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Affordable Spices Solution

Spices can be pricey. And, as I explore my cooking options by trying out new and ethnic recipes we can so easily find online these days, I’ve seen my spices come and go quickly. Some come in such small bottles with a pretty hefty price tag. I was getting annoyed by the costs, so I was thrilled to discover this much better alternative when shopping for spices…

Save money on spices by shopping at Indian markets

I have recently discovered that you can find bulk sized spices available for purchase at your local Indian markets. Not only do these spices come in larger sizes so you don’t find yourself whipping through a bottle in mere days, but they are also WAY cheaper than you’d pay for them at your local grocery store.


Here’s my direct comparison:

I went shopping at India Grocers off of Rochester Rd. in Rochester Hills. I picked four different spices to compare… mustard powder, garlic powder, whole black peppercorns, and cumin.

Now, because I love to do the math, I broke what it costs per ounce for these spices in both scenarios… and found that the spices I purchased at local India Grocers came to a savings of 1/2 off to nearly 90% cheaper than Meijer.

Yes, there are different sizes and options at both stores, but you get the idea here. HUGE price differences with massive savings at the Indian grocery stores. If only I had known this years ago!


One downfall I must mention… the spices sold at India Grocers come in bags so you need your own shakers. I still haven’t figured out the best way to manage this, but I sure wish I hadn’t recycled so many of those bottles as they would sure come in handy right about now.

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