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Life Hacks for Moms

Life hacks for moms make parenting easier! From stain-removers to quieting noisy kids toys, Life hacks have been passed from mom to mom for generations!

My Favorite Life Hacks for Moms

  • Sweatpants / sweatshirts string come out in the dryer? – Take a paperclip and tie one end of the string around the end of the paper clip into a knot. Then, feed the paper clip through the draw string hole of the garment, pushing it through as you scrunch the material with the draw string following easily behind, attached to the paperclip. Either that, or prevent loose drawstrings altogether by tying them in a big bow before you toss them in the washer or dryer.
  • Oxi-Clean – is a darn-near fool-proof stain remover
  • Baby-proofing your home – tips from an expert!
    Remove tomato-based stains – by applying foamy shaving cream and rubbing it with a sponge
  • Using baby wipes for household cleaning – even cars!
  • To soothe a cough – try a square or two of dark chocolate
  • To quiet a child’s loud toy – use clear packing tape and place a strip over the speaker holes – it muffles the noise nicely
  • altTo remove crayon stains from wood – rub the stain with a used dryer sheet
  • Keep Your Tupperware Stain-Free – Spray the containers with non-stick cooking spray before pouring in the sauce
  • How to Unclog Your Drain – 3 Alka Seltzer Tablets and 1 Cup of White Vinegar. Be careful on stone surfaces in your sink though!
  • How to Fix A Stuck Zipper – Use Orange Glo Wood Cleaner & Polish to loosen it – works better than candle wax.
  • Recycle Electronics – Use Best Buy’s Recycling Program
  • Donate Old Cell Phones – to Verizon Hopeline to help prevent domestic violence
  • Tips to get kids to do their homework – using parenting hacks from expert Chick Moorman
  • Tips to properly flip a frittata – without using a spatula
  • Use Lowe’s as a hassle-free place to buy propane
  • Tile Grout CleaningUse a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda, and a couple drops of Dawn dish soap to clean up pet messes. Test on a small area first to check for discoloration.
  • Mom hack for runny pancake batter – use oatmeal mix to thicken it up slightly
  • How to make a rice sock for an upset stomach – safer for kids than hot water bottles and makes a great heating pad scarf!
  • The easy way to clean tile grout – ultimate DIY tile grout solution
  • Try InVinceable for a carpet stain remover when OxiClean won’t cut it.
  • Use sunflower seed oil as a natural teeth-whitening solution. It really works!
  • Speaking of teeth-whitening life hacks for moms… Have you heard about Dental Duty Toothbrite charcoal powder? WOW!
  • Remove a splinter using potato slices. It really works! Simply put the skinless side of a potato wedge on the splinter for a few minutes and the potato pulls it out. Scotch tape works great too! Thanks to Farmers Almanac for the great tip
  • If your car has old, dry car wax on the plastic trim bumpers, you can get it out by rubbing the wax spots with a simple school supply white eraser (pink works too but not as well as the white ones). Just rub the wax area and watch the wax disappear.
  • Peppermint oil keeps mice out of your garage, a used peppermint tea bag in your glove box will keep them away from your car in the winter (and your car will smell great). Talk radio on low volume keeps mice out your garage ( works on teenagers too ;) ). MORE mice prevention tips.
  • Get your spices for up to 10x less than you would a Meijer by shopping for spices at your local Indian grocer. Here’s how (and where).


If all else fails… Red wine cures everything!

What are you favorite life hacks for moms? Submit some to, put LIFE HACKS FOR MOMS in the subject line, and I’ll include them on this page in the future.

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