Barstool Sports Frozen Pizza Review

Barstool Sports Frozen Pizza Review – One Bite Everybody Knows the Rules review, pics, and info. The most popular pizza review app on the planet now has (markets) their own frozen pizza.

For the uninitiated, Barstool Sports is a wildly successful sports, guy-centric online media platform. They started a pizza review app which is basically Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy’s quick-hitting, 2-minute pizza reviews of pizzas from all over the country. These reviews are bright, hard-hitting, sharply critical, and often witty. The critical grading of all these pizzas coupled with the sheer massive number of pizza places reviewed makes the app a must have for every pizza lover. See for yourself (below) when Dave took on the legendary (and one of my favorites) Green Lantern Pizza in Madison Hts. Long story short – these pizza reviews are the most credible of any product review on the internet, IMHO.

So, it begs the question… how does the frozen pizza from the pizza review king measure up?

Barstool Sports Frozen Pizza Review

Barstool Sports Pizza vs Jack’s Frozen Pizza

I don’t live on frozen pizzas, but I indulge once and a while. Barstool’s One Bite Everyone Knows the Rules frozen pizza, on the surface, resembles the generic frozen pizza cheapie Jack’s Pizza – 11″ baked crust pizza. Jack’s Pizza can be found in any grocer’s freezer and they’re cheap! You can usually pick up a Jack’s frozen pizza for about $3. Jack’s isn’t great, but it serves its purpose for the price.

By the way, I’ve eaten two Barstool Pizzas. No way they’re 12 inches as they claim, they’re 11 inches – I measured both of mine.

My immediate thought is to compare Barstool pepperoni pizza to Jack’s on appearances (and VERY similar size & cooking instructions) but Barstool’s pizza checks out at $6.50 a pie. That’s quite a bit of $ for a thin crust. Heck, you can get a thick, fancy, loaded DiGiorno pizza for $6.50.


The comparison’s to Jack’s frozen pizzas pretty much stop at the unboxing. Barstool Sports pizza vastly superior in freshness and ingredients. The mozzarella cheese (even frozen) is soft and the pepperonis are fresh and not freezer scorched (liked Jack’s). The crust was light and airy as opposed to Jack’s crust which I describe as a crunchy, baked cracker.

Barstool’s pie baking instructions were identical to Jack’s but the overall quality out of the oven is vastly superior. Nice, evenly baked, flakey crust with a crisp, flavorful crunch. Add that in with the fresh ingredients and you have a surprisingly good frozen pizza. Here’s how good… I couldn’t finish the whole pizza so I reheated (toaster oven) the leftovers and it was even decent LEFTOVER!


BOTTOM LINE – Not the cheapest, a little generic, but an excellent quality frozen pizza that might surprise you as it did me. As David Portnoy might say… “Good, good, not an 8 but good – 7.6”.

Barstool Sports Frozen Pizza Baking Instructions (Plus Editor’s Notes)

  • Preheat to 450 degrees / remove pizza from all packaging
  • Place unwrapped frozen pizza on middle oven rack
  • 10-13 minutes in the oven (ED NOTE – 11 minutes works great)
  • let stand 2-3 minutes before slicing (ED NOTE – this isn’t necessary. You can slice it immediately but give it one minute before eating or you’ll scald your mouth)

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