Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review

Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza review, pics, baking instructions, and info. Detroit-style pizza from your grocer? We kick the tires on pan pizza in a box from Digiorno. The pizza even comes in its own pan and touts using 100% real cheese, no artificial flavors and preservative-free crust? So how does it stack up to Detroit-style pizza favorites Buddy’s Pizza or Jets Pizza?

Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review

I picked up the Supreme Digiorno pan pizza for $6.99, which I feel is a bargain for a huge pizza in its own ready-to-bake pan. Baking instructions (see below for specifics) were as simple as any other frozen pizza I’ve ever tried and very accurate.

For the Digiorno’s pan pizza, I’ve only tried the Supreme. The Digiorno Crispy Pan Supreme Pizza comes loaded with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, red peppers, and black olives. I was impressed with not only the amount of toppings, but the quality of toppings. This isn’t a cut-rate frozen pizza. So far, so good.

The crust on the pan pizza was crispy as promised and even had the Detroit-style pizza cheese caramelization along the edges. Where the crust disappointed me was the airiness of it. The crust was much more bread-like, than a thick doughy-like pizza. The Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza dough/crust tasted more like a crunchy Stouffer’s French Bread pizza than it did a Jets or Buddy’s pizza. Disclosure – I was NOT expecting this pizza to taste like Jets or Buddy’s… my expectations were lower (especially considering the $6.99 price tag), I’m just stating that it’s pretty obvious that this pizza is a closer relative to frozen grocery store pizza than it is Buddy’s. However, for frozen pizza… this is very good ‘za.

Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review – Pics

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Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review – Baking Instructions / Tips

  • Pre-heat oven to 400
  • Remove plastic film from the pan/pizza
  • Place pan directly on center oven rack
  • Bake for 24-26 minutes (I’d go for 26 minutes) (Up to 29 for SUPER crispy)
  • Let stand for 3-5 minutes (no really necessary if you’re using oven mitts, just be careful)
  • Remove with a spatula and cut (ordinary pizza cutter will do)

Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review – Bottom Line

It’s no Buddy’s pizza or Jets. But what is? Great quality for a great price. Crust is more “bready” when you want it to be more “doughy” – like a French Bread pizza. It doesn’t come close to a Buddy’s or Jets pizza, but it is the best french bread pizza I’ve ever tasted.


For more info on Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza, visit www.digiorno.com

I was not compensated for this Digiorno Crispy Pan Pizza Review.

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