Diehl’s Cider Mill Holly

Diehl’s Cider Mill Holly MI review, pics, hours, and info… Diehl’s Orchard and Cider Mill is located in Holly, Michigan and has been serving cider (and much more) since 1954.

Diehl’s Orchard and Cider Mill is open daily mid-August through the weekend before Thanksgiving from 9a-6p. Diehl’s Cider Mill serves apple cider, homemade donuts, apple butter, honey, jams, jellies, pies, candy, apple cider vinegar, Michigan grown popcorn and many other fall favorites.

A trip to Diehl’s feels more like a trip “up North” than it does to a typical Metro Detroit cider mill. In many ways, it feels like Diehl’s would fit perfectly in Indian River or Petoskey, Michigan as opposed to Oakland County. One reason may be due to the fact that Diehl’s really is “off the beaten path” when it comes to location.

Diehl’s truly is unlike many of the other cider mills in Metro Detroit and I don’t mean that statement negatively. Diehl’s Cider Mill doesn’t really dress itself up to be a big-time fall tourist destination like other local cider mills even though the mill has some very nice attributes and there some fun things to do throughout the fall season.

Diehl’s Cider Mill Holly

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The time to visit Diehl’s Cider Mill is on the weekends. During the fall they host Ciderfest Craft Show, hayrides, pony rides, a petting farm, Dinner and Hayride events for groups, and more. If you visit during the week, there isn’t much to do outside of a corn maze visit or to watch the kids play on some dilapidated playground equipment. The grounds at Diehl’s are expansive but not very scenic. Some may say they are rustic and simplistic. Some may say they are run-down and dingy. Either way, it’s not like Diehl’s is going out of their way to make an awesome environment the way a Long’s Family Orchard or 3 Cedars Cider Mill does. I honestly don’t mean that to be a slight, just an honest assessment when comparing Diehl’s Orchards Cider Mill to other cider mills.

While Diehl’s Cider Mill may not be the most visually captivating cider going, they do have EXCELLENT cider and donuts. I’ve been to Diehl’s a few times over the years and the cider is always the perfect blast of sweet and tart! The donuts are delicious as well. Not Erwin’s Orchards Cider Mill quality but really close! Another neat facet I have yet to see at other local cider mills is the refrigerated cooler that holds bins and bins of different kinds of apples. Take your pick of Red Delicious, Empire, Cortland, Honeycrisp, Fuji, and more types of apples and create your pecks to take home.

Diehl’s Cider Mill Holly
1479 Ranch Rd
Holly, MI 48442

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For more info on Diehl’s Cider Mill Holly, visit diehlsorchard.com/

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