Doctors Quick to Prescribe Drugs But Slow to Promote Healthy Eating

Why are doctors quick to prescribe drugs but slow to promote healthy eating? Why isn’t there more focus on a person’s diet when visiting a doctor?After starting on a new food program to help alleviate symptoms of my autoimmune disease, I am surprised that diet was a route I had to take upon myself to explore… not one my doctors suggested it.

When I take my kids to the pediatrician, I am always asked how many fruits and vegetables they are consuming on a daily basis. Yes, I’m an adult, but if there’s a health issue involved, doctors have got to hit on the foods and determine if they are playing a role and causing issues with how I feel.


I’m speaking mostly to more rare conditions and diseases here, because I’m guessing that those stricken with Crohn’s, heart disease or diabetes are on a watchful diet – that’s the obvious. But what about the less obvious?

My guess is that most doctors are missing a huge opportunity here. When I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2010, I was never told there was a chance I could feel better if I followed a specific diet. Heck, even if I was told there was a small possibility, I’d have given it a shot. I’d love to see someone step up and promote a healthy alternative here, and take the stance that this can help.

Now that I’m on my current diet, my symptoms have lessened and I’m leading a much better quality of life. It’s not that I was eating unhealthy before, but there were some things that I now do differently that made the world of a difference. If you think about the difference it’s made, the changes in my day to day eating habits seem small, and totally worth it.


altFood is our fuel. Bad fuel, or the wrong type of fuel for our body will leave us running on empty. Get to the root of the problem by finding what foods make your body efficient and healthy and stick with it. It sure beats feeling ill, and covering symptoms with medications. I would hope that we could rely on a doctor being well rounded with enough knowledge to press this issue. I want my doctor to know what might work for me, or to at least make the suggestion and encourage me to look into it.

Are doctors shying away from diet suggestions to alleviate symptoms of diseases such as autoimmune diseases because they simply don’t know? Or, are they just trying to keep the drug companies humming without consideration for natural alternatives to healing?

For those of us with health issues, we’ll try anything to feel better. We want to feel well enough to play with our kids, take care of our families, go out with our husband. Yes, we’re adults enough to monitor this and make good decisions about what we eat, but sometimes it takes a doctor to get the process started.

Why are doctors quick to prescribe drugs but slow to promote healthy eating? I think I know the answer, I’m just not satisfied with it.

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