El Charro Mexican Restaurant Troy

El Charro Mexican Restaurant Troy Review, pics, and menu info. El Charro Mexican Restaurant is a huge eastside hit. With locations in Fraser, Macomb, and St. Clair Shores, it is a widely popular establishment. Now, El Charro has a location right here in Oakland County. On April 30, 2011 El Charro Mexican Restaurant opened a new location on Rochester Rd. south of Wattles in Troy. This El Charro restaurant had an counter-style ordering option (shown in pics below) and used at their St Clair Shores location that was abandoned when loyal El Charro patrons preferred the traditional sit-down restaurant option.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant Troy Pics

If you’re an El Charro fan living on the west side, you’ll be happy with this new opening. You can avoid the drive to the east side and the long waits typically associated with El Charro.


That being said, I think El Charro’s food has a taste that is either loved by some, or not cared for by others. I happen to fall in the “not cared for” category, which I would think is the smaller group as the newly opened restaurant has been packed and busy every day since opening. For the sake of this review, I am doing the writeup for the “loved by some” group and I won’t comment on taste or value of the food.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is quite cozy and decorative… definitely not what you would expect from a fast food restaurant. This El Charro Mexican Restaurant is quickly proving not to be about fast food. Aside from the ordering arrangement, there’s nothing “fast food” about it.

While I personally prefer the taste of other Mexican restaurants in Oakland County (Rojo, El Patio, Sagebrush, Miguel’s Cantina to name a few), you can’t beat the convenience of El Charro. Especially if you’re a transplanted Macomb County resident looking for the legendary El Charro Mexican food in Oakland County.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant Troy
3651 Rochester Rd
Troy, Michigan

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