Equilibrium Studio Bloomfield Hills Review

Equilibrium Studio Bloomfield Hills Review – Equilibrium is located on Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills and features Extend Barre workouts, STOTT Pilates training, fitness classes, Xtend training studios and more.

Metro Detroiters looking to start a new fitness program now have a fast-sculpting workout option at Equilibrium Studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan called the Xtend Barre Workout. Equilibrium, Michigan’s only STOTT PILATES licensed training center that also offers a variety of Pilates and fitness classes, is Michigan’s exclusive Xtend training studio and the first to offer classes in southeast Michigan.

Xtend is a vigorous workout that combines sculpting exercises at the ballet barre with lively music and energy. The class is based on ballet principles, but it doesn’t involve dancing. It’s a tough workout packed with isometric exercises that will tighten and tone a person’s body. The toning is paired with orthopedic stretches that will elongate the muscles and make those who take the class stand taller. An array of props like resistance balls, weights and stretch bands are also incorporated. Xtend instructors are required to be trained in Pilates, making this the safest and most challenging barre workout available.

The results from Xtend?

·       Improved posture

·       Toning/shaping of the butt, thighs, legs, back, arms and abs

·       Increased flexibility

·       Greater strength and body alignment

·       Mind-body awareness

Each class at Equilibrium Studio Bloomfield Hills is a full body immersion that lasts 55 minutes and produces quick results.

“Clients will love that they are in and out in less than an hour, but still receive an intense full-body workout and stretch,” said Equilibrium Owner Nancy Hodari. “After two or three classes, metro Detroiters will feel more tightened, toned and confident about their bodies. Xtend seriously works that well.”

Former dancer and choreographer Andrea Rogers created the Xtend Barre Workout by combining exercises at a professional ballet barre with precise concentrated movements to target small muscle groups. The goal is to “shape” muscles by first increasing muscle strength and then lengthen the muscles by stretching.

Equilibrium Studio Bloomfield hills
6405 Telegraph, Building G, Bloomfield Medical Village
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301

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