Fireworks Safety Tips


Fireworks safety tips courtesy of Fraser Eye Care Center. According to the American Society of Ocular Trauma, 20 percent of all fireworks injuries are eye injuries, and each year as many as 400 Americans lose vision permanently in one or both eyes due to injuries caused by fireworks.

June is Fireworks Safety Month and eye care professionals at Fraser Eye Care Center are offering eye safety tips in time for upcoming Independence Day celebrations.


Dr Norbert P Czajkowski, ophthalmologist and owner of Fraser Eye Care Center, recommends these tips to prevent eye injuries during the upcoming fireworks season

Fireworks Safety Tips

  • Light fireworks one at a time to assure you have enough time to reach a safe distance upon ignition.
  • Place fireworks on a flat surface to prevent accidental “tip-overs” which can point lit fireworks in unintended directions.
  • Do not place fireworks in cans or glass containers. You risk injury from small glass shards or shrapnel if the container explodes.
  • Wear safety glasses when burning sparklers. Firework devices that emit sparks are commonly associated with eye injuries.

“If you or someone you know experience an eye injury, refrain from touching the injured eye,” said Czajkowski. “Loosely cover the eye with cloth to prevent further damage and contact an ophthalmologist or hospital emergency room as soon as possible.”

These fireworks safety tips were written for Oakland County Moms in 2011 courtesy of our friends at Fraser Eye Care Center of Metro Detroit.

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