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Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion

Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion Review – Pics, menu info, and hours. Forest Mexican Cantina restaurant is located on M-24 (Lapeer Rd) just north of Clarkston Rd. I think I may have found another favorite Mexican restaurant in Lake Orion that rivals Sagebrush!

Forest Mexican Cantina restaurant is now a definite stop on my Mexican restaurant hit list. My husband and I had lunch there recently. The interior is roomy and styled about one notch above Azteca in terms of food quality and atmosphere. It’s not fancy, and it’s enjoyably borderline tacky. But, it’s not run down. There’s a bar in the center of the restaurant, booths, tables, high tops, and a larger seating area with a booth that could hold a very large party.


Forest Mexican Cantina restaurant serves everything Mexican… chimichangas, burritos, enchiladas, nachos, fajitas, tacos, chalupas, chile relleno… The lunch specials are VERY well priced! The affordability of Forest Mexican Cantina reminds me a lot the low-prices/tons of food aspect of El Patio (Waterford, Farmington Hills & Livonia). My husband ordered a burrito and it was the size of my forearm. It was filled with marinated steak, sour cream… and topped with a red sauce and cheese sauce. The flavors were fantastic and the portion sizes were beyond what’s expected. Even the soft drinks are practically Big Gulp-sized.

Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion Pics

I ordered the fajitas off the lunch menu for an affordable, low price. Tons of food – I can’t imagine what the dinner portions would be! The fajitas came with a platter of chicken with onions, peppers and tomatoes, as well as sides of rice, beans, guacamole, lettuce and fresh salsa, sour cream, and cheese. I liked how I could order flour or corn tortillas with my fajitas. It’s nice to have the option stated on the menu, and this was the case for many of the menu items.

Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion menu specialty items include steak dishes, chicken dishes, vegetarian combos, combination dinners starting at $8.50, cheap kids plates (burger, chicken tenders, taco, etc.), and seafood dishes. Prices for the lunch menu range from $6.50-$10. Prices for the seafood, steak or chicken entrees at Forest Mexican Cantina restaurant range from $9-$20. There is also an a la carte menu if you want to add a little extra to your order, or just have a small order – $2 tacos, $2 enchiladas, $4 chimichangas and more.

The guacamole was very tasty. I make guacamole often and love it. This one was great… there was something in it that gave it a different flavor that was a nice change.

The chips and salsa that came before the meal were great. The chips were fresh and warm, and the salsa was a perfect consistency, on the smoother side just like I love it.

Had it not been a work day, I would have gladly ordered a margarita. They sell for $5+ by the glass or $20+ for a LARGE pitcher, and they’re made with the house tequila. I see a night out with chips and salsa and a pitcher of margaritas in my near future… who’s with me?

Overall, Forest Mexican Cantina restaurant stands out and should be known for its flavor, guacamole, huge portion sizes, low prices, and margaritas by the pitcher! Though the atmosphere isn’t as festive as Lake Orion’s deservedly popoular Sagebrush, the food quality is right on par.

Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion Pics

Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion
780 S Lapeer Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362

Forest Mexican Cantina Lake Orion Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11a-10p
Friday and Saturday 11a-11p
Sunday 11a-9p

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