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Great Start Collaborative Oakland County MI – Early childhood care, childcare resources and services, pre-Kindergarten readiness provided the Great Start Collaborative.


Great Start Collaborative Oakland County is committed to ensuring that all of Oakland County’s children and their families have access to services that result in children beginning kindergarten ready and eager to learn.

Great Start is a comprehensive early childhood system for our community. Great Start looks at all the factors that influence a child’s readiness for school and life, including

• Early care and education
• Physical and mental health
• Family support and parent education

What many Oakland County families don’t realize is that these services are available to them free of charge. Great Start Collaborative-Oakland is here to help.

Great Start Collaborative-Oakland Services

FREE Online Development Questionnaires for children ages two months to five years: Oakland County families have the ability to understand, document and maintain their child’s developmental history and detect any signs of potential developmental delays. Once the parent or caregiver completes this online, they receive a customized copy of their results and resources customized for their child’s needs. By using this questionnaire, Great Start Collaborative-Oakland is able to help identify developmental concerns early and connect families for further evaluation.

Raquel Spencer is a parent who has benefited from this program.

“I really have had a great experience so far with this program.  I feel like I am getting the answers to the questions about my son’s speech and motor skills that have been concerning me over the last few months. I was reading a lot of posts online from other moms who have children the same age as my son Lucas and was questioning that he may be behind in his speech. I am happy to say that the project has been so easy and all involved have been so kind and helpful. I am very thankful to have found Great Parents Great Start and to learn about all that it has to offer parents and children,” Spencer said.

Any family in Oakland County may take the screening at no cost online here.

Great Start Parent Coalition –  Parents, guardians, and others acting in the parenting role are encouraged to participate and provide leadership in system development, implementation, guidance, and evaluation. The Parent Coalition was created as a forum where parents can participate in the Great Start Collaborative-Oakland.

Great Start Local Preschool Opportunities Oakland County’s free preschool opportunities, Head Start and the Great Start Readiness Program, both use research-based curriculum to prepare children both academically and socially for success in school. A list of preschools in Oakland County that are suited to your child’s needs may be found here.

For more information, contact…

Great Start Collaborative Oakland County
2111 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328, 844-456-5437,

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