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Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Himalayan Salt Lamp Review – review of a 10 lb Himalayan Salt lamp as a light, air purifier, and room deodorizer. There seems to be no shortage of healthbenefits associated with Himalayan Salt Lamps.

I bought 2 10 lb Himalayan Salt Lamps for my husband. If you’ve seen or heard of these lamps, you’ve probably heard claims that the lamp acts as an ionic air purifier that helps with allergies, sinus problems, bloody noses, and even serves as a room deodorizer.

There seems to be no shortage of health benefits associated with Himalayan Salt Lamps. Basically, the lamps are huge chunks of salt placed on a wood base with a 15W bulb in it connected to a dimmer switch.

While I wouldn’t classify my husband as a very “New Age” type of person, we’re open to some health benefits associated with homeopathic therapy and medicine. Friends of ours own a really neat Rose Quartz lamp that my husband thought was “neat” but I recently saw similar looking Salt Lamps at Salinair Salt Room Spa in Rochester Hills (review) and thought he might appreciate them. He’s always been interested in mood lighting like giant lava lamps. Did I buy the lamps for him for the healing potential? No, I just thought they looked appealing.

My lamps arrived from in great condition and they were even heavier than I thought. The dimmer switches work well, just plug in and adjust. The lamps give off a serene pinkish / orange glow. When you dim it all the way, it almost looks like a flickering orange flame. The light is mood lighting only – there is no way you could use these to read by, even at its brightest. My husband opted to use both lamps for both of our nightstands. Lucky me, I thought he’d move one to his music studio in the basement. Fair warning, these lamps are difficult to match in pairs. Each lamp is unique and the lamp on my side of the bed glows a little dimmer and is a more pronounced orange than the other. While the lamps have slightly different hues, the size and shape are similar enough to mix and match.

I’ve found the health claims from using Himalayan salt lamps to be subjective at best. I have no way to accurately measure air quality with the lamps vs without and I personally haven’t noticed improvement in our bedroom that has gone beyond incidental. I’ve also read that salt ionization IS beneficial, but the amount of heat needed to produce substantial benefits wouldn’t come from a 15W Himalayan Salt Lamp bulb – it would require something much more powerful. But…. the lamps are extremely appealing and we leave them nearly all the time. Everytime I go to turn them off, I almost feel sad if that makes any sense.

So, while I didn’t buy the Himalayan Salt Lamp for any health or Feng Shui benefits, the light is PERFECT as a beautiful room accent. I highly recommend this lamp as an accent light AND a conversation piece. If it does somehow helps with your allergies, all the better! Even if it doesn’t help with your sinuses, it WILL likely help with your mood :)

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