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Household Baby Wipes Uses

Household Baby Wipes Uses – Baby wipes uses extend way beyond the changing table! Household uses for baby wipes that keep me buying them even though my kids are WAY past diapers ages. They’re one of my favorite Life Hacks for Moms!


As your infants become children, there are so many items looming around that house that you’re thrilled to rid of…pacifiers, overly large bouncers and playpens, rocking swing, bibs, diapers and diaper pails, crib, etc. Doing away with the baby items was validation that I survived one of the toughest phases of parenting and we were moving on raising our kids. It’s not that I don’t love my children or that I didn’t like the baby phase, it’s just that it was really tough and I honestly don’t know if I have it in me to do it all over again. I am liking the newfound independence the children achieve as they get older.

However, I found myself hanging on to one item. As much as I didn’t want to see the baby face on the packaging for fear that it would feel like I was going back to that phase, I found I couldn’t do away with this one baby item because I was hooked on how many uses it has for non-baby purposes. I’m talking about baby wipes.

Household Baby Wipes Uses

Household Baby Wipes Uses – Bathroom Cleaning
I love baby wipes as an option for cleaning the bathroom because they’re disposable. I wipe down the sinks, toilets, etc. and then toss them in the trash. However, I notice that I need to rinse the baby wipes a bit first and use them with a cleaner. Otherwise, I get a streaky finish rather than a clean, clear shiny finish.

Household Baby Wipes Uses – Baby Wipes for Cars
Baby wipes are a super easy and super quick fix to clean up that dusty dashboard in a hurry. Again, I wouldn’t use them on any hard plastic surfaces because you won’t get a perfectly clean finish. You will see streaks. But for the dusty dashboard, baby wipes work great. My husband used to detail cars and always has baby wipes in his arsenal. They’re also great for cleaning dirty, finger-printed radio buttons and knobs and wiping down the steering wheel in general. WARNING – don’t look at the wipe AFTER you’ve wiped down your steering wheel :O

Household Baby Wipes Uses – Baby Wipes for Makeup Remover
If I had to use a wash cloth each day to wash my makeup off, I’d be doing way too much laundry. I used to use kleenex as a teen, but baby wipes are much stronger and they don’t tear up. You can apply makeup remover to them as well if you don’t want to go with the soap that is on the baby wipes themselves. I’d rinse them a bit first and use your makeup remover of choice, then toss. Or, use as is.

Household Baby Wipes Uses – Baby Wipes for Feet and Paws
Ok, we don’t wear shoes in the house, and with that rule comes the “don’t go outside in your bare feet all day and try to step foot back in the house with your filthy feet.” Sure, a shower or bath is a concrete solution to this issue, but when you just need to clean the feet real quick to come back inside, the baby wipes are a convenient alternative. They work well and are gentle to use on your dogs paws when he’s been outside.

If you have held on to this baby item as well, what are you using it for? What are your favorite Baby Wipes uses

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