How to Make Sushi

How to make sushi and your own sushi review, tips, recipes, and video. Includes ingredients, hand roll recipe, inside out recipe, spicy mayo recipe, and overall tips to help your sushi rolls look (and taste) fantastic. Make your own sushi using tips I learned from Sur La Table cooking classes. I highly recommend getting the fish ingredients from NOBLE FISH in Clawson, they’re still open for curbside/carryout during Covid-19.

Sur la table holds cooking classes of all kinds. I attended the sushi class and learned many great tips that I’m sharing here.

Sushi Ingredients Needed

  • Rice
  • Rice vinegar
  • Nori sheets
  • Fillings
  • Sauces – soy, Spicy mayo, eel…

Cooking Utensils Needed (Amazon and Meijer are great to find what you don’t already have)

  • Strainer
  • Sushi rolling mat
  • Vinegar/water mix
  • Saran Wrap
  • Large butcher knife
  • Cutting board

How to Make Sushi Video

The first step to making good sushi is the rice. Use a Japanese-style rice which is a shorter, rounder grain. I use Calrose which can be found at Meijer. You start by rinsing the rice thoroughly in cold water until the water is clear. Cook the rice with equal rations, e.g. one cup of rice to one cup of water, which makes about 4-5 rolls. Place the cooked rice in a bowl and fold in some seasoned rice vinegar. Cool the rice to room temperature before using.

For a quicker and easier experience, it is suggested to have all your ingredients prepared so you can easily put your rolls together. Also, have a bowl of hand vinegar (1 cup water, 1/4 cup rice vinegar) nearby so you can wet your fingers often to prevent the rice from sticking.

Below are some tips for making a hand roll, sushi roll, and inside out roll.

Sushi Hand Roll Recipe

  1. Slice a nori seaweed sheet in half.
  2. Using wet fingers, spread some rice on one side on the nori, horizontally (see video).
  3. Place some toppings on the rice.
  4. Begin rolling from a corner of the side that has the rice and toppings.
  5. As you’re rolling, turn the roll inward so it creates a cone shape.

Sushi Roll Recipe

  1. Cut one inch of the edge of a nori sheet.
  2. Using wet fingers, spread some rice on the entire sheet of nori, leaving one side with about a half inch or so exposed and placed closest to you.
  3. Place toppings toward the top half, parallel to the strip with no rice.
  4. Wet the strip that has no rice.
  5. Begin rolling from the top end and toward yourself, sealing it with the wet end of the nori.
  6. Place the sushi roll in the sushi rolling mat to tighten the roll (see video).
  7. Suggestion: wrap the sushi mat in Saran Wrap for easy clean up
  8. Slice with a large, wet butcher knife.

Inside Out Sushi Roll Recipe

To make an inside out roll with the rice on the outside…

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 above.
  2. Flip the sheet of nori over so the rice side is facing down on a rolling mat
  3. Place toppings toward the bottom middle, parallel to the strip with no rice.
  4. Wet the strip that has no rice.
  5. Roll the sushi starting at the wet end.
  6. Place the roll in the rolling mat to tighten the roll and finish it (see video).
  7. Cover the roll with a sheet of Saran Wrap to keep the rice in place and slice with a large, wet butcher knife.
  8. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, if desired.

Spicy Mayo Recipe

Mix together mayo, Sriracha and lemon juice.

Place spicy mayo in a squirt bottle for a nice effect when topping the rolls. You can also put spicy mayo inside the rolls. There is a Japanese mayo that is more creamy, but I’ve used regular mayo and it works fine as well.

Each roll very unique and each roll can be made with your favorite ingredients. If you’re looking to include raw fish, Noble Fish in Clawson is a highly recommended store since they use the proper temps for storing the fish. You must consume it within 24-48 hours after purchase.


Here’s a review of cooking classes at Sur La Table where I learned how to make sushi.

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