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Noble Fish Clawson Review – Noble Fish is located on 14 Mile Rd. in Clawson MI. Noble Fish is known for its high quality sushi and sells everything you need to make your own sushi.

We went to Noble Fish to buy some ingredients we couldn’t find easily elsewhere. We picked up some eel sauce, soy wrappers, and raw tuna. Noble Fish had everything we needed.

Noble Fish Clawson Pics

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Noble Fish is also one of the very few trustworthy places that sells the fresh raw fish used in sushi. Noble Fish stores the raw sushi fish at the appropriate, safe temperature, and that is what makes it a trustworthy option. I learned this during the Sushi class I took at Sur la Table. They steered us in that direction for the fresh fish, and advised us that if we eat it within 24-48 hours, it would be fine. It’s difficult to trust yourself to make the raw fish sushi, but knowing the Noble Fish option is out there makes it possible.

The staff at Noble Fish is helpful. They pointed out the items we were looking for. The dining area is not open the same hours as the store so we couldn’t sit at the sushi bar and chow down. However, Noble Fish does have prepared sushi available for purchase that looked fresh and fantastic. If you do opt to dine in, the sitting area appears to be more of an afterthought add-on. Don’t expect a lot of space and a restaurant setting. I don’t know if there’s a restaurant style method to it, or if it’s just a seat yourself at the sushi bar kind of deal.

Noble Fish Sushi Restaurant Hours
Mon – Fri – 11a-2:30p & 4:30p-7:30p
Sat – 11a-2:30p & 3:30p-7:30p
Sun – 11:30a-2:30p & 3:30p-7p

Noble Fish Grocery Store Hours
Mon – Sat – 10a-8p
Sun – 11a-7:30p

Noble Fish Clawson Location
Address – 45 E. 14 Mile Rd., Clawson, MI 48017
Phone – 248-585-2314
Website –

For more info on Noble Fish Clawson MI, visit

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