How to Quiet Noisy Toys

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How to Quiet Noisy Toys – When my children were smaller, I was always concerned with how loud some of the volumes on their electronic toys can be.

Not only was I concerned about my baby’s ears (experts have cautioned against these loud toys), but it was also quite annoying, especially since they just love to sit there and hit the buttons over and over.

I found a simple, effective way to quiet noisy toys. Here’s how you quiet a noisy toy….

Some of the toys have adjustable volumes, which is great, but the highest level is really too loud and unnecessary.  So, to resolve this issue, I took clear packing tape and placed a wide strip over the speaker holes on each of their toys and it muted them just right.  We could still easily hear the toys, but it now had its limits on how loud it could be, thankfully.

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