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How to Raise a Global Citizen

How to Raise a Global Citizen – tips from Detroit Country Day about raising globally aware children that seek alternatives to their own culture as a means of learning more about the outside world.

We live in a global society that is transforming the way we work, live and play. With connectivity between countries and cultures at an all-time high, parents must recognize the importance of raising their children as informed global citizens.

Below are some simple tips on how to enrich your child’s worldview without having to get on a plane.

How to Raise a Global Citizen – Tips

• Add new customs into old traditions – Besides singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, add a Chinese birthday custom into the family celebration by changing up a birthday meal. Traditionally, the Chinese eat long noodles during their birthday meal because the dish is a symbol for a long life.

• Foreign film family movie night – Instead of having your children watch Finding Nemo for the one-hundredth time, pick up some new movies produced in other countries. The local library is filled with appropriate movies for all ages that are translated into English.

• Rock out to new music – Build a new playlist from Pandora with music from around the globe on your next family road trip. Music varies greatly from country to country, and listening to a mix of genres can inspire children to learn more and ask questions.

• Think globally and act locally – When devastation impacts a country, find out how you and your children can make an impact. Local cultural groups are known to organize aid and care packages that are sent to the country in need.

In addition to these tips about how to raise a global citizen at home, parents should consider schools that expose their children to world cultures. Detroit Country Day School (DCDS) educates students to discover and appreciate different world cultures through their innovative foreign language and cultural curriculum. This school year, DCDS established the Global Community Program, and has named Jacquelin Riley as its director. The Global Community Program expands the DCDS student exchange programs and provides new cultural opportunities to students in the Lower, Junior, Middle and Upper schools. Jacquelin has been a member of the Upper School faculty since 1991. She has taught Japanese, French and Spanish and served as freshman dean for five years. She has traveled the world with DCDS students, developing relationships with schools in France, Japan and Germany. She is currently exploring sister school relationships in Panama, China and Italy.

PIC SOURCE – Farmington Hills Parks & Rec w/permission.

For more info on how to raise a global citizen, visit the Detroit Country Day School website.

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