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Lunch with Victoria Justice

My daughter and I had lunch with Victoria Justice to celebrate the launch of the Soar with Reading program in Detroit. As we learned more about this wonderful Jet Blue initiative, we also had the opportunity to get to know Victoria Justice and hear more about her career.

Lunch with Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice brought her mother, sister, and vocal coach with her to lunch. I’m prefacing this post with this because I’m a mom and I was truly impressed with how close this family is. Victoria Justice’s mom is just as much a “superstar” as her daughter. She’s a smart woman who gave a lot for her daughter to be where she is today. I honestly don’t know if I would have been as brave to do the same. Moving our entire family across the country with no guarantees is a big gamble. They played their cards right, and they are blessed.

Even more so, as we chatted with Victoria and her family, it was quite obvious how “real” and well-grounded they are. Good parenting produces great results. This family took its “Hollywood” life and managed it toward modest personalities. We talked about every day things, and they asked us for help on cool sight-seeing destinations in Detroit. When I asked Victoria if she wears a disguise, she replied that she just wants to go out and fit in like everyone else. Sure, she gets recognized, but she handles it like a pro… friendly and kind.

Learning more had us realizing that Victoria Justice has led an interesting life. She has been acting since she was 8 years old when she did her first Ovaltine commercial. She told us how she remembers that audition because it was her first audition and she got it! She actually likes Ovaltine and they brought some with them in the car for good luck. When Victoria was 11, they moved from Florida to California (LA) so Victoria could audition for a performing arts school. She was one of two sixth graders to be accepted into the program. She got instruction every day for voice, dance, and drama. Her time at the school is the basis behind Victorious. After wrapping up the Victorious series, everyone is friends and keeps in touch as much as possible with their busy schedules. Victoria is keeping busy with her latest projects – starring as Janet in the Rocky Horror Picture Show TV movie, starring in the lead role in the MTV series Eye Candy, hosting the Teen Choice Awards this July, and so much more…and she looks forward to possibly doing Broadway some day.

At the young age of 23, Victoria Justice has traveled all over. They love LA and the weather there, so I had to ask if she’s ever seen snow. She has, but only about 5 times. She’s been to so many places, and even during her stay in Detroit, she sought out the most interesting places to see, threw the first pitch at a Tigers game, and saw the downtown fireworks. During her down-time, she enjoys life, and even takes pleasure in doing some very ordinary things.

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It was an honor to have lunch with Victoria Justice and her family (including her vocal coach who is like family). Honestly, some of the nicest people you’d ever meet.

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