My Son – The Big Bad Wolf

My son started off his toddler years quite shy. So, when I heard that the school was doing a musical program about the Three Little Pigs, I was curious about how well he would like performing in front of an audience. He’s definitely come out of his shell since early childhood, but I still never thought of him as the type to be the center of attention, comfortably.

The musical program was The 63 Little Pigs. I kept hearing from others that Jayson had the part of one of the Big Bad Wolves. He mentioned it to me, but never really told me what it entailed. He did not practice at home, and he only explained that he got to use a microphone. The first appearance of the program was the day before the family performance, where the first graders got to perform for the school. When I went to pick him up from school that day, some staff who had seen it mentioned that Jayson did an AWESOME job as the Big Bad Wolf. I was still a bit clueless and could not wait until the next day to see if for myself.

The day came, and I was so proud and emotional. Here is the video footage of his Big Bad Wolf performance. Sorry it’s a bit shaky. It was from a combo of laughter and tears.

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