New Year’s Eve Stay At Home Fun

New Year’s Eve Stay At Home Fun – fun ideas and things to do with the kids and with family when you stay home for New Year’s Eve. Do you stay at home for New Years Eve with your family or go out? Count me as one who likes to stay at home with the kids waiting for the Times Square ball to drop.


While staying home is plenty fun for me, it’s nice to have some New Years Eve stay at home fun ideas for things to do so the whole family can enjoy staying home together.

For families with kids that still want to go out, there are many fun, family things to do on New Years Eve. I compiled a list of New Years Eve family fun parties you can go to during the day to celebrate with the kids. Many of these New Years Eve things to do take place in the day-time so they are safer AND you can get your family celebration out of the way early in the day if you’re leaving the night open for an adult party.

So, what are your New Years Eve traditions? Here are some stay at home New Years Eve ideas my family has enjoyed for the past years. Nothing extravagant or completely unique but fun nonetheless.

New Year’s Eve Stay At Home Fun Things to Do

  • Board Game Night – My husband calls ours “The World Series of Board Games”. Each family member picks their favorite board game and we play 1 favorite game of each board game selected. Warning – this can take a LONG time if you’re playing Monopoly, choose wisely.
  • Ping Pong (or similar) Marathon – Similar to Board Game Night. We take 1 family fun activity and make a huge tournament out of it. This year, it’s Ping Pong. Of course, it doesn’t have to be pool or ping pong. In the past we’ve had marathon Uno tournaments and marathon Yahtzee tournaments. We’ve even had “Retro Video Game Night Marathons” complete with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong tournaments. Winner of the marathons gets to pick the movie!
  • Movie Marathon – The hardest part is the voting process! This year’s obvious suggestion is a Star Wars movie marathon.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – Remember when giant jigsaw puzzles were extremely popular when we were kids? You can still get great 1000 piece puzzles at Barnes and Noble that feature old candy wrappers, boxes of cereal, and vintage lunch boxes. It’s our latest stay at home activity. A 1000 piece puzzle takes us about 5-8 hours – good for an all-night project! Check out the great puzzles from White Mountain Puzzles!
  • New Year’s Eve Camp-In – Not only do the kids get to stay up past midnight, they get to set up a make-shift living room fort to sleep in for the night.
  • Resolution Dinner – A feast (usually several pizzas!) where the whole family takes turns talking about the past year and making fun predictions for the new year. It’s been fascinating through the years to watch my children reflect each year. This practice has given my kids a unique perspective as to where they’ve come from and where they are going.


So, in a nutshell… my family New Years Eve is going to be full of board games, food, and staying up way past midnight. Probably not too far from your new years eve family traditions.

What are your favorite New Year’s Eve stay at home fun things to do?

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