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NORAD Santa 2023

NORAD Santa 2023 – You can track Santa through his journey, using Norad, beginning December 1st of every year. The Kids Countdown village at the Santa NORAD website also has new Christmas fun and games added daily until Christmas Eve. Santa Norad features educational videos of many of Santa’s stops and is a great way for kids to learn about the geography of Santa’s epic yearly trip.

Santa NORAD is so much fun and my kids enjoyed tracking Santa every year via NORAD Santa in their younger years until the superior Google Santa Tracker took over.

NORAD Santa 2023

Norad Santa has come along way since Google Santa Tracker came onto the digital Santa tracking scene. They’ve emulated many of the features of Google Santa Tracker – mini arcade-style games, music, videos, a library, and even a store. The library is essentially a links dump to other Santa Claus websites and kids activities pages. There isn’t much quality in the links the library offers, but they’re worth a look. The games portion of the site is just a bunch of dated flash games that might have delighted and entertained you in 2002. The store allows you to purchase t-shirts and hoodies as well as Letters to Santa. Like the library, the store links to outside retailers and entities not associated with Norad or the US Dept of Defense.

Here’s how Norad Santa looked in 2017


Still, the “official” Santa Tracker doesn’t really hold a candle to Google Santa Tracker in terms of functionality, playability, design, and overall ease of use. It can be a bit glitchy and hard to access parts of the website. I do appreciate the effort though, it’s not like I expect a lot out of a government agency creating a holiday wonderland for children (and the kids at heart).

Santa Norad Tracker serves as a resource for adults too. You can browse the parents section for a seemingly endless supply of holiday recipes (from the chefs at Pillsbury) and Christmas crafts (from the experts at Michaels).

There are TWO aspects where I prefer Norad Santa 2023 to Google Santa Tracker. First is the actual tracking of Santa. I like the “real life” effects of Norad following Santa on Christmas Eve a bit more than the cartooned-out silliness of Google Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve. It’s too bad the Santa Norad games aren’t a little better. The games can’t hold a candle to Google.

Norad Santa 2012 Style!


If you don’t want to wait until December 1, you can check out Santa hanging out at the North American Aerospace Defense Command website while he gets ready for his big trip.


Enjoy NORAD Santa 2023.

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