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Novi Siam Spicy

Novi Siam Spicy review, pics, hours, and menu info – Siam Spicy Thai food restaurant is located on West Oaks Dr near Twelve Oaks Mall in the Marshall’s parking lot of the West Oaks II Plaza.


My family and I were craving Thai food and wanted to try a new place, so this was our first time going to Novi Siam Spicy. We were pleasantly surprised.

My biggest compliments I would give to Novi Siam Spicy is that they offer up good quality, plus good quantity/portion sizes, plus affordability. I don’t know if I’ve ever lucked out with all three of these at one Oakland County Thai Food restaurant quite like I have with Siam.

Novi Siam Spicy Pics

At Siam Spicy, I would have been overly full if I finished it. It was enough for two meals. And, it was probably the most flavorful Pad Thai I’ve ever had. Sometimes Pad Thai can be a little generic or bland, but this was really good. The Pad Thai at Siam Spicy even comes with tofu automatically as part of the recipe, in addition to the protein you choose. It was kind of interesting and tasty to have the tofu and shrimp combo.

I’ve had a lot of Thai food, and I am finding that the average price is about $15 per person. At Siam Spicy, the dinners ran only about $8 per person. This was a huge savings after ordering three meals. It really adds up.

My only complaint, if you want to call it that, I had with Siam Spicy was that the spice level seemed off. For my daughter’s dish, she always gets no spice and they did that just fine. However, I ordered medium spice for my husband and myself and I honestly could not taste any spice. Maybe they forgot it on mine? My husband said he had a bit of a kick in his, but for ordering medium, I would expect there to be more.

One final note, I saw on the website that Siam Spicy uses chili peppers and aromatic herbs such as garlic, onion, basil, cilantro, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, etc. They claim that all these herbs give you the special taste, and that they are also good for your health.

Novi Siam Spicy has a decent sized dining area (shown in pics) that looks clean if you opt to eat in. It’s not the best in terms of ambience, but it gets the job done.

Novi Siam Spicy
43436 West Oaks Dr, Novi, MI 48374

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