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Panda Pal App for Speech Delays

Panda Pal App for Speech Delays – Technology has progressed at light years compared to when I was helping my son with speech and language delays associated with Aspberger’s Syndrome (an ASD). In recent years iPad Applications (apps) for children with speech delays have become necessary tools in classrooms and for those treating autism spectrum children. Now, you don’t even have to be a professional to help children with speech delays or language learning difficulties.

Panda Pal was created by Kim Scott, a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, to make professional speech therapy easy and accessible for parents of children with speech delays or language difficulties.

Think of the Panda Pal app as flashcards for your iPad. You use customized Panda Pal icons and pictures to construct words and sentences together with a flow that is easily identifiable and directly involves the child. You can even use your own pictures and icons. Simply choose from 12 different categories (clothing, school, bathroom, home, feelings etc), choose your icons and place them in an appropriate sentence. IE: I – Want – To – Eat – An – Apple. Each word has an accompanying picture, voice and title display. The combination of spoken word, related picture and interactivity with the iPad is highly interactive.

Panda Pal isn’t just designed to be visually interesting for children with speech delays. Panda Pal is specifically designed to be user-friendly. Uploading pictures, changing icon sizes, labeling pictures and constructing sentence lessons are all designed to be completely easy to use for any iPad owner.

The success of iPad apps for speech and language delays isn’t a total mystery. The predisposition for all things electronic and technology is intense for children with ASDs. It seems almost natural kids with speech delays respond well with the visual electronic learning associated with communication apps like Panda Pal.

For more info on the Panda Pal app for speech delays – contact or call (310) 922-4227.

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