Planes Trains and Automobiles Facts and Trivia

Planes Trains and Automobiles Facts and Trivia – I was watching my favorite Thanksgiving movie of all time and decided to research some trivia about it. I’m no stranger to geeking out to movie facts, especially about holiday movies and classic tv specials!



  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles is Steve Martin’s favorite film of his own.
  • The exterior of their aircraft in flight is a reuse of the 707 flying through the storm from the movie Airplane! (1980).
  • The F word is used 18 times in 60 seconds during the Marathon Car Rental scene.
  • John Hughes said there is a three hour version of the film that is locked away in a vault that is a mess of footage that would take “months, maybe even years” to transform into a workable film. According to Hughes, most of it has probably deteriorated.
  • Steve Martin was convinced to join the production after favoring two scenes he had read from the script; the seat adjustment-scene in the car, and the F-word tirade at the car rental desk.
  • John Hughes, in an interview on the ‘Those Aren’t Pillows’ DVD edition, said he was inspired to write the film’s story after an actual flight from New York to Chicago he was on was diverted to Wichita Kansas, thus taking him 5 days to get home.
  • Neal’s house was a set built from scratch, consisting of seven rooms and taking five months to complete. It ended up costing $100,000, which angered Paramount executives and caused turmoil on the set.
  • John Candy and Steve Martin eat dinner on the plane in a scene that is not in the theatrical version (though it airs on the televised version). The scene ends with a long-haired passenger in front of Steve Martin letting his or her hair cascade down onto Martin’s brownie, completely covering it. Seeing that Martin is no longer hungry, John Candy fishes through the hair to retrieve and eat it.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Neal Page (Steve Martin) races a character played by Kevin Bacon for a taxi. Later, Neal phones his wife to tell her that he has been delayed (again); in the background, you can hear the fight from She’s Having a Baby (1988) (also directed by John Hughes) between Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern, when she screams that she doesn’t like his friend’s girlfriend.
  • John Candy’s favorite film of his own.

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Sadly, we’ll never see a true Planes, Trains and Automobiles sequel. Thankfully we’re less likely to see a half-ass remake of the movie thanks to the advent of the cell phone rendering 90% if the plot of Planes Trains and Automobiles useless.

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