Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs

Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs – review of bean bag chairs I purchased from Pottery Barn to complete the look of our newly re-finished basement. Pottery Barn originally sent me a chair for review purposes back in 2012. Since our basement remod, I purchased two more identical chairs for my kids to use in their “retro video games” corner of the basement.

I remembered my bean bag chair from when I was a kid. I recall the disappointment over the misshapen vinyl covered blobs with holes that leaked tiny white Styrofoam balls all over the place. And really, were they even comfortable?

Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs Review

Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs are a bit different than the bean bag chairs I grew up with the 70s and 80s. Back then the chairs were prone to leaking Styrofoam within months and flattening to the point of uselessness within days of purchase. These Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs, while expensive, maintain MOST of their out of the box integrity… even through fairy regular usage. I’ve had my original green one since 2012 and it has held up pretty well. I purchased my two additional chairs (the dark blue ones) for $99 each on the Pottery Barn Kids website.

Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs are shipped in two phases. First, I received the slip covers to the chairs. Secondly, I received the easy-to-insert guts for the chairs. The outer cover to the chair is easy to take care of. You can even take it off and throw it in the washing machine if it gets a stain. I’ve never had problem of the beans leaking out, even on the older heavily-used chair. You can also choose from many bright colors, styles, and patterns. You can even have the chairs monogrammed.

Here’s the bottom line. You will pay more for a bean bag chair from Pottery Barn Kids, but you will get a quality bean bag; something that could legitimately be seen as the coolest piece of furniture in the house in the child’s eyes. You’ll wish the chair stayed as comfortable as the day you bought it (Spoiler Alert – it doesn’t), but the slippage in comfort and integrity through the months in years is pretty minimal. You can probably notice this in the pic. The 2 blue chairs are 6 months old and the green chair dates back to 2012 and is still hanging in there!

The bean bag chairs from Pottery Barn Kids will arrive in two parts: the cover and the insert. Once you get the bean bag stuffed, there is a lock on the zipper for safety for the younger ones.

Pottery Barn Kids website.

I hope this Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag Chairs review is helpful.

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