RARA Dance Program Review


RARA Dance Program Review – Review of RARA (Rochester Area Recreation Authority) Dance Program in Rochester MI. My daughter just had her first on-stage dance experience. It was with RARA and I have to give them a huge round of applause! I was more than impressed by the professionalism and organization of the dance classes throughout the year, as well as the big RARA final dance recital. My six year old son was even on the edge of his seat and applauding enthusiastically after each performance. Here is video of the performance and below is my review:

My daughter, a quiet type, felt very comfortable and performed very well.  She also enjoyed the time not on stage where all the kids stayed in a room in groups, coloring together.

I can’t say enough how smoothly the RARA recital night went.  I could see how my daughter was so proud of herself, but definitely not more proud than I was!

I loved how professional everything was run at RARA, and how it was not overly formal. RARA is a great place for kids, especially to start and learn what RARA is all about. RARA Dance Program is a wonderful experience with great exposure to the world of dance. I hope this RARA dance program review was helpful.

RARA is located in Rochester, Michigan.

Location: 500 E. Second Street, Rochester, Michigan 48307
Phone: 248-656-8308
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-6:30 pm
Email: info@rararecreation.org
website: http://rararecreation.org/
facebook: facebook
twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/rararecreation


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