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Red Lotus Yoga Rochester Hills Review

Red Lotus Yoga Rochester Hills Review – Review of Red Lotus Yoga studio on Livernois, just north of Hamlin Rd, in Rochester Hills MI.

Red Lotus Yoga is located in Rochester Hills, off of Livernois just north of Hamlin Rd. Inside, Red Lotus Yoga is warm and welcoming. The lobby area offers changing rooms, cubbies, and a relaxing lounge style area. The studios at Red Lotus Yoga are comfortable and soothing with dimming sconces lighting along the walls and light oak hard wood flooring.


The instructors (as well as owner/instructor Brian) at Red Lotus Yoga are kind, gentle, encouraging and not at all intimidating. Red Lotus Yoga instructors nicely guide you through each class making sure you successfully perform the yoga movements and positions, meanwhile giving kind reminders for you to listen to your body, and to not look around and compete with others. The environment is relaxing, spiritual, soothing, and perfect for clearing your head and destressing.


Basic Yoga
Beginner. If you have never taken a yoga class and want to start from the beginning, this is the class for you.

Chakra Yoga
A gentle, balancing yoga class based on the Lady Niguma Yoga series, this class combines meditation, sound and physical postures to align body and mind.

Gentle Yoga
A restful practice designed to rejuvenate and restore your body. This is a beginner level class incorporating light movement and breath. Room temperature 75 degrees

Hot Vinyasa
Intermediate-advanced. This room will be hot and the energy level high. Challenging your mind and body. Room temperature 90+ degrees

Rise and Shine Yoga
All levels. This is a slow flow class for the early riser. Room temperature 80 degrees

Short Form Ashtanga
All levels class. Derived from the primary series, this is an authentic class using traditional yoga poses in a specific sequence. The sequence does not change allowing you to learn it very well over time. Room temperature is 80 degrees.

Slow Flow
All levels This is a class that integrates the entire body with special emphasis on breath and posture. Room temperature 75-80 degrees depending on teacher

Slow Flow Vinyasa
Intermediate. Some yoga experience is preferred for this class. It is more physical than a slow flow class but not as challenging as a hot vinyasa class. Room temperature 85 degrees

All Levels. Designed to help you reach your connective tissue by holding postures for 2-5 minutes. This is a practice for any level of student who really wants to balance out their vinyasa routine and increase their flexibility. Room temperature 75 degrees

Yoga For Kids
Kids ages 3-7 years old.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep. Join Brian as he leads you through a short asana practice and end with a relaxing and healing savasana (rest after practicing) Brian will use the singing bowls to help us find relaxation.

Red Lotus Yoga Rochester Hills Review date – December 2012

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