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Reggie Dog Supplements Calming Chews Review

Reggie Dog Supplements Calming Chews review and info – Reggie brand offers several different all-natural dog supplements including calming chews, heart health and shiny coat, multivitamin, and a hip and joint supplement.


Pet food, in particular dog care, has come a long way in just a generation. Gone are the days of people feeding their dogs whatever dry dog food that was cheapest and stuffing them full of junk “people” food. Now there’s a whole new world of pet care that is contributing to healthier, happier, and longer lasting dogs & cats.

Among the new recently newer products in the dog-care lexicon are multivitamins for dogs, vitamins for joint health, and calming chews for high anxiety dogs.

Reggie Supplements for Dogs

The ingredients in all of the Reggie dog supplements are all natural…including Omega 3 Fish Oil, Glucosamine, Melatonin, Chondroitin Sulfate, Iron, MSM, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hemp…

The morning multivitamin helps promote long term health and overall well-being, increases energy and improves daily physical performance, eliminates potential nutrient deficiencies from an incomplete diet, and boosts the immune system to fight off unwanted infections.

The hip and joint chew improves pliability and lubrication of joints to support daily activity, protects against cartilage breakdown that leads to long term joint stress, soothes joint inflammation and stiffness from daily exercise, and enables a more healthy, active lifestyle free from joint discomfort.


The skin and coat formula soothes uncomfortable hot spots that cause itching and scratching, promotes a soft and shiny coat with reduced shedding, helps to eliminate dry, flaky or bumpy skin, and improves circulation and overall cardiovascular function.

Reggie Calming Chews for Dogs

The calming chew promotes relaxation and composure, especially during stressful situations, reduces jumping, barking, biting and other aggressive behavior, supports the circadian rhythm to maintain a natural sleep cycle, and eases digestive discomfort that arises due to elevated stress.

Our dog, Wesley, is super high anxiety. We sampled the calming chews and they do take a bit of the edge off. We combined this chew with an Adaptil collar and it was a helpful combination. Since he’s really got some issues, we did not see things completely improve. But as a test, we took these out of the equation, and we definitely saw the anxiety increase.

I honestly think the calming chews would have worked even better if our dog did not have so much going on. That said, I do see the benefit of using these and I LOVE that they are all natural. I will definitely continue to use them. My “mom” analogy is to say that this chew for my dog acted like a full glass of wine does for me – takes the edge off.

Reggie dog supplements are made in the USA. And, their customer service couldn’t be any nicer or more helpful. I’ve emailed them back and forth for questions and help and they were very responsive and supportive.

No one paid me for this product review. I received this product for free to review. I receive zero compensation if you purchase one.

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