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Reindeer Cam – Santa’s Official Reindeer Live Feed

Reindeer Cam or ReindeerCam is a Christmas website for kids featuring a web cam of a reindeer pen so you can check in on Santa’s reindeer via your computer, your iPhone or IPad, or android device.

Reindeer Cam – Santa’s Official Reindeer Live Feed

You can virtually check out Santa’s Reindeer every Christmas season since 2011 via Reindeer Cam located in Clare, Michigan at Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm. Who knew Santa kept his reindeer right here in Michigan?

DISCLAIMER – Basically, ReindeerCam is sort of an “Only Fans” account but…. Instead of Instagram models, think a working farm with reindeer. The owners used to be pretty discreet about making a profit but, make no mistake, this website & app is a Christmas cash grab and you’ll notice it the first second you log-on. I’m disclaiming all of this because I don’t want people to visit the website or app with their child only to disappoint their child because they can’t access of the fun unless mom or dad forks over some $$$. You used to be able access many features of ReindeerCam for FREE but those days are long gone.

If you can get over the cash grab aspect of how the site is advertised and you don’t mind shilling out the money, Reindeer Cam does have some delightful Christmas fun. If you decide to pay for the access required to fully browse the features of the app and website, here’s what you can expect.

If you’re looking for some sort of animated Christmas magic or video cam setting with sterling production values, look elsewhere. While ReindeerCam is short on frills, there is something mildly addicting to watching the beautiful reindeer (Sissy, Ginger, Mrs Stix, and others) hang out in their enclosure and waiting for food. Santa Claus makes appearances by sitting down and reading stories on occasion. Production values are low, but Santa manages to put on an entertaining show feeding nearby animals, reading letters, and stories. We’re not talking about 30 second clips, Santa’s been known to hang out and read stories for the better part of 25 minutes in many of these videos. There’s a newsletter signup feature that allows you to get the times for when you should tune in. You can even get reindeer feeding times on the website or watch Santa Claus take on for his journey on Christmas Eve at 8p est.

Reindeer Cam has a “Nice List” feature on their website which is a way for your child to be listed on the website by writing a letter to Santa and paying a fee to become a “supporter”.  You can get a Santa’s Candy Cane Mailer complete with ornaments and goodies by purchasing one. Sure, there’s money to be made with Reindeer Cam, and they’re not very discreet about it. You can visit the online store and browse pages and pages of merch items – everything from clothing to authentic reindeer hair.


Fair warning… If your child is expecting flying reindeer or something off of an animated Christmas special, this website may disappoint. If kids just want to see these majestic animals in their natural environment, ReindeerCam is worth checking out – as long as you don’t mind the blatant cash grabs that litter the site & the apps.


Pic courtesy of Reindeer Cam facebook page.

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