Rojo Mexican Bistro Rochester CLOSED

Rojo Mexican Bistro Rochester CLOSED – Not sure if ever re-opened after the 2017 salmonella outbreak but it’s closed now. Rojo Mexican Bistro Rochester MI Review – Pics – review, pics, and menu info for Rojo Mexican Bistro in Downtown Rochester MI. Rojo Mexican Bistro is where you go when you want upscale Mexican cuisine. This is high-end Mexican food with an extensive menu.

Rojo’s location is familiar. It’s the old Andiamo. Andiamo still owns the restaurant and decided to incorporate a new look and new menu.

Rojo Mexican Bistro Rochester Pics

The interior is very chic and resembles the name (rojo) with plenty of red accents in the decor. Rojo Mexican Bistro decor is both vibrant and fun. The staff is also pleasant and provides top-notch customer service.

There are salsa and chips to start. Rojo Mexican Bistro salsa is the deepest, brightest red I’ve ever seen. Is it possible to get salsa that’s a deeper red than a tomato? This one is, and it’s excellent. The texture is smooth and that of a puree. For variations, salsa verde and habanera infused oil are served and meant to be mixed to change the taste to your liking. You’ll get separate bowls with spoons for mixing. The salsa verde added a lot of heat and spice. The habanera infused oil was also good, and the heat kicked in slightly after taking a bite. Both added so many different flavors and dimensions to the salsa.

I appreciate a good Margarita and you can’t go wrong at Rojo Mexican Bistro  when there are 12 to choose from. Even more impressive is the listing of over 100 premium Tequilas. There’s a lot of pride in this selection and the Rojo Mexican Bistro staff is very knowledgeable about which to select with your meal.

Now onto the entrees. The menu was a tad confusing with different sections. Mexican Classics, Fajitas, From the Grill, and Rojo signature dishes all on separate pages. You may find a burrito under Classics and another under Signature. I think I’d prefer to see all the main entrees together to be able to compare and select.

My husband got the Chunky Beef Burrito ($12.99), a Rojo Signature dish. It’s a large flour tortilla stuffed with chunks of tender beef, covered with gravy and a melted three cheese blend. The beef was sooo tender and the gravy was amazing.

I got the Rojo Mexican Bistro Wet Burrito ($10.99) since my staple Chimichanga was not on the menu. The signature red sauce that tops this burrito is zesty and flavorful. It’s the first thing you taste when taking a bite. It’s a large flour tortilla stuffed with shredded chicken, refried beans, onions, peppers and a three cheese blend. It’s topped with sour cream and the signature red sauce.

Rojo scores points with originality for using lobster in their dishes. Lobster tacos and lobster quesadillas are a tasty, if expensive, option. The lobster quesadilla will definitely be on my hit list for my next visit. Even side staples like re-fried beans and rice are done a little bit better at Rojo.

I wish I had saved room for dessert. The Kit Kat dish is basically a giant Kit Kat bar that you have to eat with a fork. It has layers of praline cookies and rich homemade chocolate mousse, enrobed in a chocolate ganache.

If you’re looking to take a step up in quality from traditional Mexican fare, I’d definitely put Rojo Mexican Bistro on your to-do list. All burritos are not created equal!


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Rojo Mexican Bistro Rochester
401 N Main
Rochester, Michigan 48307

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