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Rove Pest Control Novi residential and commercial pest control. Rove serves Oakland County, Metro Detroit and all of SE Michigan. Rove eliminates mice, bed bugs, rats, carpenter ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, and more… any pest you can think of.

Living in Michigan means different pests throughout ALL the seasons. I talked to a Rove Pest Control Associate Certified Entomologist on staff to discuss how to ward off different pests in and when to call in an expert.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – In the late Spring, what should homeowners do to prevent mosquitoes and those pesky carpenter ants?

Rove Pest Control Novi – The earlier in the season you can have your home treated for mosquitoes, the more it can help reduce their numbers throughout the year.

Keep your yard trimmed and avoid excess weeds around your home. Thick, overlapping vegetation will provide harborage for mosquitoes wanting to get out of the sun as well as trap moisture which can create breeding areas.

This could include removing pet dishes, cleaning up large puddles after spring rain showers (or adjusting landscaping to avoid consistent puddle development), or even installing fountains in ponds near your home.

Similar to mosquitoes excess moisture can be a primary reason Carpenter ants are attracted to your home. Fix any water leaks and remove extra humidity in your home to keep Carpenter ants at bay.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – In early Fall, what should homeowners do to prevent bees and wasps?

Rove Pest Control Novi – One step is to keep your garbage bins sealed. Both bees and wasps look for sugary substances to eat. Keeping your garbage away from your home and sealed can eliminate a major food source for these pests. Similar to refuse containers, keep food covered when possible.

If you do see any nesting activity, act sooner rather than later.

Since these insects become more aggressive the closer it gets to winter, we recommend having a pest control service remove any nests to keep you and your family protected from them.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – What can homeowners do to prevent pests like mice in their home? And, what preventative methods do you offer?

Rove Pest Control Novi – The first step is cleaning up any food or water sources around your home. For pests to thrive, they need access to food, water, and shelter.

You’ll need to also focus on sealing entry points around your home. Rodents and pests like mice only need an opening as small as 1/4th of an inch to sneak in your home. Exclusion can be time consuming, costly, and tedious to try and do on your own.

One of the services Rove Pest Control Novi can help with is exclusion, so you can focus on more important things than keeping mice out of your home.

Rove can use the appropriate products and place them in safe areas throughout your home. Rove treats in cracks and cervices in your home, in between walls and more.

Placing product in the right place is most of the battle with pests. In addition to that, the products used at Rove Pest Control Novi have a longer residual life than products you could get over the counter.

What that means for you is greater effectiveness and the products put around the OUTSIDE of your home and the hidden places that pests nest and traffic INSIDE don’t interact with your family.

Rove Pest Control has worked over the last decade with families and homeowners to dial in the process of keeping your home pest free. Whether dealing with standard home pests or specialty pests, Rove has the solution for you. If you are not sure what pest you are dealing with, send in a picture and/or a
description to the Associate Certified Entomologist on staff who can determine what you are dealing with and why. Their customers love Rove’s proactive approach to keeping them pest free and guaranteeing our work.

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