School Art Teachers Appreciation

School Art Teachers Appreciation – When there is so much talk about budget cuts in schools, the one facet in elementary schools no one sticks up for is the Art Teacher.

School Art Teachers Appreciation

The end of a school year brings many things, one of which is the giant package of art projects coming home as art teachers clear out their classrooms. I love sifting through the elementary school art projects and looking at all the creative pieces made with so many different mediums.


I have to admit, when I see the artwork, I am in slight disbelief that the pieces were created by my kids. Trust me, I don’t tell them this (nor am I letting them read this), but the artwork they create at home on their own does not even compare to what they have done at art class in school. I remember my mother-in-law being over one day when my son brought some artwork home and she said if we didn’t want it, she would frame it and display it in her home. I couldn’t part with it because I loved it so much, but it definitely proved my point as she was never begging to hang any of their “home” made drawings.


And, I know it’s not just the art program at our school. I remember going to my sister’s house years ago and seeing a beautiful abstract drawing framed on the wall. I asked my sister where she got it from and she replied that her daughter made it in art class. Wow, I had just mistaken a child’s drawing for a store bought piece of art.

So how do the art teachers do it? My husband and I have tried to inspire and motivate our children to draw and color at home. Yet, each piece of art is far from a work of art. No offense to my kids, but something’s missing in the process. We’ve had them take their time and span one project over a few days. We’ve given them different mediums to try. We’ve encouraged them to add details to their work. But, still nothing compares to what they can do in art class.

So, this is a “battle” I will never win.¬†Time for some school art teachers appreciation to the unheralded elementary school Art teachers – they do a fantastic job.

Art Teachers – 1, Mom and Dad – 0

Do you have any school art teachers appreciation stories to share?

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