Thai Inn Rochester Hills Review

Thai Inn Rochester Hills Review and menu info. Thai Inn is located off of Rochester Road just north of Avon Road in the South Hill Plaza. This is the same plaza that also has Miguel’s Cantina.

The dining area at Thai Inn Rochester Hills is tiny and underwhelming. It’s very generic and looks like it was done on the cheap. If I was going to a sit down Thai food restaurant in the area or taking the family out to eat, I’d probably opt for Bangkok Cuisine.

Carryout is where Thai Inn excels. They load up their containers and their entrees are relatively inexpensive. My Thai food staples are Pad Thai and Pad See Ew and Thai Inn charges affordable prices for nice sized portions of those.

Thai Inn Rochester Hills MI menu is expansive. They boast: 10 pork entrees, 16 chicken entrees, 15 beef entrees, 21 seafood entrees, 4 duck entrees and 5 noodle entrees in addition to many appetizers and desserts.

The dishes I’ve tried are really good and I’d recommend Thai Inn Pad Thai or their Pad Se’Ewew to anyone. The noodles on the Pad Se’Ewew are rarely “too dry” like many Thai food places I’ve gone. If anything, I’ve had them where they are a little on the “too moist” side. I’ve noticed tiny inconsistencies through the years I’ve eaten there in regards to the spice levels. Sometimes Thai Inn’s “medium” spice level is more like their “mild plus” so you may want to consider being conservative on your spice levels if you’re going there for the first time.

I’ve never had a problem with service in my years of eating at Thai Inn Rochester Hills MI. They are very friendly and there is very little waiting time for carryout. I hope this review is helpful.


Thai Inn Rochester Hills
900 S. Rochester Road
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Thai Inn Rochester Hills Hours
M-Th 11a-9:30p
Fri  11a-10:30p
Sat  noon-10:30p
Sun  noon-9p

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For more info on Thai Inn Rochester Hills, call 248-656-0287

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