The Power of Hypnobirthing Years Later

The Power of Hypnobirthing Years Later – the benefits of hypnobirthing last well beyond the actual birthing experience. It can be applied to other facets of your life beyond childbirth

The Power of Hypnobirthing Years Later

I first read about hypnobirthing in a news magazine. I found a local therapist to teach me the skill. I was a little reluctant to believe that this deep relaxation could overpower labor pains, which I felt strong and clear during childbirth with my son (also done without pain meds). The hypnobirth of my daughter was a successful birth, with very little pain – much different than the birth of my son, which was very painful and a much longer labor. It was a rather easy skill to learn, and even easier to institute. It worked so incredibly, I was asleep through the beginning of labor and finally went to the hospital not knowing if I had even progressed enough to be there because I was experiencing no pain. When they checked me I was already a four and I was admitted. Many staff members were in disbelief when they would enter into my room to see the monitors jumping and escalating as I lay there with my eyes closed and completely relaxed.

Well, it’s been years since I hypnobirthed my daughter and I was wondering if I still had the power of hypnobirthing. Would I still have the learned skill of hypnobirthing if I was in a situation of pain? My challenge came when my doctor ordered an EMG. I know five people who have had it done, all of which told me it was going to hurt.


I have not tried the hypnobirthing for a pain-related situation since my daughter’s birth. I did try the deep relaxation skills when I had an MRI done. I am extremely claustrophobic and I could not get into the MRI chamber. Once I did the self-hypnosis, I was able to go through the procedure. It took me 20 minutes to calm down enough to do it, but once I did, even the technician was shocked about the power of hypnobirthing years later.

So, now I was about to have the EMG and it was my opportunity to test out the skills again in another pain-related situation. It’s a bit tough because you have to be able to feel completely comfortable with your surroundings, and I was a little unsure what the neurologist was going to think and worried that that would make me feel uncomfortable. Finally, I thought to myself, what the heck…it’s my body and I don’t want to feel the pain. I told the doctor what I was going to do, and he was very surprised with how relaxed I was. There were several moments where he asked if I was still with him. I reassured him I was awake and aware.  He said so long as I did not stop breathing, he didn’t care what I did.  And, here’s the honest truth… I felt absolutely nothing! It was a success!

Bottom line is that I am so happy to have this skill.  I think I will have it for a lifetime.  I hope there won’t be many opportunities to use it, but it is nice to have.  So, if you have hypnobirthed as well, you should know you can still use this skill in many areas.  If you are pregnant, I highly recommend learning how to hypnobirth.  It’s a valuable skill that you will be able to use for a lifetime.

The Power of Hypnobirthing Years Later!

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