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Trampoline Workouts for Adults

Trampoline Workouts for Adults – Using interval training for a cardio and toning workout that’s fun, and low-impact for the joints. 

Trampoline workouts for adults are nothing new. They started becoming popular in the heels of the Jane Fonda aerobics craze of the early 80s. By the mid-80s, small at-home indoor trampolines became the rage for housewives while they bounced indoors watching soap operas. The fad didn’t last, these trampolines were too small and about as much fun as jogging in place. I was too busy bench pressing, I never thought of using a trampoline for a toning or cardio workout.

I’m much more into weight training than I am into running or most other forms of cardio. I bought my daughter a large backyard trampoline for her birthday. After reading online about how many calories I can burn in a short period of time on the trampoline, I set out to create my own workouts with cardio and slimming down in mind with an extra emphasis on taking it easy on my knees. Because I dislike typical cardio activities to much, I wanted it to be short, sweet, and intense.

For these workouts, you’ll want (probably need) a FREE interval app for your phone. I highly recommend Seconds HIIT Interval Timer app. This app allows you to easily set your high-intensity and low-intensity times and allows you to input warmup and cooldown phases as well.

Trampoline Workouts for Adults – Beginner

  • 3 Sets of 3 Minutes Moderate Jumping – Bounce heel to toe to liftoff to strengthen your calves while you bounce. Don’t go for “serious air” but don’t just bob up and down either. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for each 3 minute duration.
  • 2 Sets of 1 Minute Rest – Flat on your back rest (huffing and puffing after 3 mins) and bounce to your feet when you hear the interval timer beeps!

Trampoline Workouts for Adults – Intermediate

  • Add 1 minute to your 3 sets as it becomes easier for you to complete 3 sets of 3 mins / 1 min rest. Or, add a 4th set. Same rules as Beginner
  • Also, you try 1 minute high intensity heavy jumping with 1 minute of rest (1 on and 1 off). I’m talking trying to bounce REALLY high (that’s what those safety nets are for) and intensely! 1 min on / 1 min off. More of a quick shock to the system than it is an extended cardio session tho.

Trampoline Workouts for Adults – Advanced

  • 20 Seconds / 20 Seconds off for 8 sets of HIGH intensity jumping with an extended toe touch at the apex of each jump. My wife does this workout and it kicks her well-toned butt.

In short, I’m surprised at how much cardio intensity I could get out of a backyard trampoline. My cardio endurance improved remarkably in just a few weeks of doing intervals training. My jeans fit better and my legs are “tighter” – especially from my mid-thighs on down.

More Trampoline workouts for adults coming soon.

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