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Trickomatics Review

Trickomatics Review – review of Trickomatics math programs for kids. I was granted a demo version of Trickomatics Math Tricks That Stick software recently and was able to put this to the test to see if there truly are some math tricks that enable you to process math problems in your head.

The Trickomatics Math Tricks That Stick Multiplication and Problem Solving Program is very child friendly – it is colorful, artsy, and uses funny characters that help make the learning fun.

Children can pick from different Trickomatics Math Tricks That Stick categories, e.g. multiply two digits by two digits, multiply three digits by one digit, story problems, etc. Once the children pick a category, they are presented with a math problem. They can answer the problem, or refer to the hint balloons for help. The Trickomatics hints teach the kids how to solve the problems in a way that the math problems can be done in their heads! I tried it out first and then my nine-year old son tried it. We both picked up this new skill within seconds and were solving the math problems in our heads way easier and way quicker than we were used to. My son loved it and was feeling pretty confident and proud.

Because this was a demo version, I’m not sure of the extent of this software and what it covers as a whole. But from the little bit I did see, I thought it was very helpful information and I think it would be great to see these methods taught in the education system as well.

Trickomatics Math uses methods that were created in ancient Asia thousands of years ago. Math test scores from around the world show that the most successful students share one trait in common, they think in numbers. Trickomatics teaches children, ages 7-11, how to think in numbers.

I hope this Trickomatics review is helpful. To learn more about Trickomatics Math Tricks That Stick for Kids, visit the Trickomatics website.

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