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Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs M-119 review, pics, and info – The Tunnel of Trees is 20-mile stretch of curvy roads and breathtaking scenery that runs along M-119 and starts in Downtown Harbor Springs and runs north through Good Hart Village, Cross Village and moves north toward Mackinaw City.


Tunnel of Trees is actually an alternative and scenic route to Mackinaw. The Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs is a beautiful road with trees on both sides that create a shady, picturesque tunnel for cars. The 20-mile path has been named Tunnel of Trees Scenic Heritage Route.

Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs Pics

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The Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs MI attracts 2,000 to 15,000 vehicles on average per day on parts of the path. It’s easy to see why. In addition to the memorable view of the trees, the road is also at the bluff and overlooks Lake Michigan. Plus, there are several multi-million dollar homes along the stretch that are engaging to look at. It’s all about the jaw-dropping scenery and fascinating history, which makes this a must-see destination. The fall season makes for a bright scene, and the spring brings trillium that carpets the borders of the road.

If you were to take the entire trip from the start of the Tunnel of Trees to the end, turn around and come back to the start, it will take about an hour or so. The starting point in downtown Harbor Springs boasts several shops and restaurants. Then as you travel the road, there are some restaurants and shops along the way, but very few. You will also see Good Hart Village – home of a general store/post office, an antique shop, furnishings store that also serves tea. As far as “Pure Michigan” destinations go, this is a must-see.

The road that the Tunnel of Trees is traveled on is uniquely narrow, and lacks a center line. Not only is the road narrow and unlined, there are also some sharp twists and turns, especially at Harbor Springs Devil’s Elbow (said to be haunted by spirits and voices after dark) and at Horseshoe Curve. I plan to go back and visit Devil’s Elbow at night since we traveled the Tunnel of Trees during the day during this visit. Who knows what we may find?

The Tunnel of Trees ends in Cross Village at the legendary Legs Inn Restaurant. The location quite obvious as M-119 opens up once you reach “downtown” Cross Village.

Hotels and Places to Stay Near Tunnel of Trees

Trout Creek Harbor SpringsThere are plenty of hotels in Downtown Petoskey, a short drive near many popular Northern Michigan destinations like Tunnel of Trees. Hotels are nice and familiar but for about the same price, you can rent a condo with many more features than a typical hotel room.

Landmasters, a time-share rental condo complex near Nubs Nob & Boyne Highlands offers spacious 2, 3, & 4 bedroom condos for nearly the same price as a hotel or motel room. They offer many amenities including full kitchens, use of an indoor pool, hot tub rooms, and fireplace in each unit. REVIEW / INFO / PICS OF LANDMASTERS.

Trout Creek is another highly recommended condo complex on Pleasantview Road just minutes from Tunnel of Trees. They offer the same amenities as Landmasters but the complex is more condensed and is family oriented. REVIEW / INFO / PICS OF TROUT CREEK.

If you’re looking for secluded, Landmasters is a better option. If you’re looking for family fun with more to do for kids, you might want to look into Trout Creek.

The best combination of Landmasters and Trout Creek with even closer proximity to Tunney of Trees is Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs (just a drive Pleasantview Road’s Trout Creek & Landmasters. Boyne Highlands offers ski-lift rides, family fun, a full restaurant and bar, arcade, golf, zip-lining, horseback riding, spa and many other fun things to do and see. REVIEW / INFO / PICS OF BOYNE HIGHLANDS RESORT.

Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs Pics

Once you’ve reached the end at Cross Village, you can either head north along the shoreline to Mackinaw City or return to Harbor Springs.

Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs is a “Michigan bucket list” destination on 4-wheels… but it’s even more fun on a motorcycle ;)

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Tunnel of Trees Harbor Springs – M-119.

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