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Unique Back to School Supplies

Back to School shopping season is here. Don’t forget the unique Back to School supplies that can help kids through the school year while you’re buying essentials like paper, pencils, crayons, and markers!

When writing up the school supplies shopping list for back to school season, the first few items that typically come to mind are pencils, paper, scissors, etc. But, there are other items that are not-so-obvious, yet still very helpful. I did a segment on Fox2 a few years back discussing some unique back to school products for reviews.


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Unique Back to School Supplies

Stackable Locker Shelf
I am adding this one in myself since I think this would be a great addition to the school supplies list. I have vivid memories of trying to get books out of my locker and having things fall out and crash to the floor. These stackable locker shelves can help you organize your locker and make it easier to get to everything, AND keep your PB&J sandwich from getting crushed! You’ll find the locker shelves and other useful locker gadgets at this website.

Usanimals Vitamins
The level of activity in a school day is quite intense when you think about the schoolwork, recess, sports practices and more that fit in one day. Parents try to keep kids healthy with a decent fruit and vegetable intake, but studies show they may need more. Usanimals provides a great range of antioxident nutrients to help keep kids healthy, and it has no artificial flavors or sweeteners like most other kids vitamins. Usanimals website.

On average, kids get 9-12 colds each year and most of those are coming from the classroom. It becomes a cold chain – one cold linking to the next with barely a break in between. There is Zinc in the product, which has been the debatable ingredient. If it can’t hurt, I’m thinking most parents would opt to try it and hope it helps. There is also a kids-EEZE allergy formula that helps alleviate allergy symptoms. The Fall is known for allergy flare-ups which can be very disruptive when a child is trying to get through a day of learning.

Supersmile Quikee Freshener On-the-Go
The older schoolers are looking for ways to keep that newly brushed fresh breath all day long. Supersmile is great to keep in a locker. It’s not gum. It comes in a tube and you put a dab on your tongue, and smooth it over your teeth for a quick breath freshener on the go. It also claims to whiten your teeth. No brushing, no rinsing… it’s easy to use. Supersmile website.

Body Spray
What Jr high or high school student doesn’t fear the lingering BO from gym class? It’s either sweat or chlorine. Either way, your teen will feel much more comfortable with a freshening body spray in the locker. Tatooed by Inky comes in five different scents for boys and girls. A quick spritz will do the trick and save your teen from some embarrassment. I think I might even give the old gym locker itself a quick spray.

Remember to think outside the box when shopping for unique back to school supplies, the unique back to school supplies are often the ones that kids use most!

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