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Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts Review – review of Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts, chewable tarts for children that offer the Vitamin C antioxidant power of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables. Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts is obviously marketed as an alternative to kids eating vegetables. The dilemma parents may face – do we continue to battle with our kids to eat their veggies and fruits, or do we take the easy way out and hand kids a pill in lieu of fruits and vegetables?

There have been other versions of this “vegetables in a pill” health product. I remember the Juice Plus chewable vegetable tablets that were introduced years ago and are still sold today. It’s a big market. I recall when someone tried to sell me Juice Plus. She basically said I could chew on these tasty vegetable supplements and never have to eat real fruits and vegetables again. What started out as a “health nut’s” product positioned side by side with protein powders and Echinacea has now encouraged the manufacturers to target the children’s demo with their products. Along with Voots, there are also plenty of gummy bear style vitamins and other chewables that are sold as vegetable supplements for kids.  And, to help your child “swallow the pill,” these chewable vegetable supplements taste like candy! There has been a lot of emphasis played on the parents’ worries that their kids are not eating enough vegetables. The chewable vegetable supplements are positioning themselves as the solution to the everyday problem… How do I get my children to eat their fruits and vegetables? Their response…just give them this candy flavored chewable tablet that provides the nutritional value that you’ll get from fruits and veggies.

I’ll be honest. I have had struggles with one of my kids eating veggies…all to the point of gagging and refusal. It’s tiring to keep up the fight and I’d love to not have to deal with it anymore. My other child LOVES veggies and has them for snack at school, snacks at home, with meals, etc. This makes life easy for me. So, is it a copout to give the one child some Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts and call it a day?

The way I look at it is everyone is going to have to do things that are good for them that they don’t necessarily love. I enjoy exercising, but at my most tired moments I’m not looking to inflict pain on myself with some muscle building squats. But, every time I gut my way through it, it builds character. Giving my child the easy way out by feeding him Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts has me feeling like I quit on him.

I see no problem handing out the Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts as an added bonus and to help supplement an already healthy diet. But, to rely on them to replace the healthy foods my child should be eating probably wouldn’t be the best decision for my child.

So, here’s our take on sampling the Voots taste and texture.

First, here’s how Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts are made: Eleven real fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, zucchinis and many more are dehydrated, crushed, combined with Vitamin C and other ingredients, and made into a lightly sweet berry-flavored chewable tart. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. But, the fine print does state: Voots® supplements are not intended to replace your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, which are important sources of fiber and additional nutrients.

As far as taste is concerned, Voots claim that the kids will love the sweet berry flavor. And, they’re right. My kids really enjoyed the Voots. They chewed them thoroughly and they dissolved nicely. They claimed that the Voots had a slight aftertastes, but they said they tasted way better than the Flintstones vitamines.  Other than that, there were no complaints here.

Voots tarts for kids are available at Sam’s Club and Target stores. I hope this Voots Veggie Fruit Tarts review is helpful.

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