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Why I Love Fall in Michigan

Why I Love Fall in Michigan – list of nine reasons why “The Enchanted Mitten” is the best place in the world to be in the Fall / Autumn.My brother and his family came in from Florida for a visit recently during a cool, rainy, weekends. Typical Michigan Fall weather. I was expecting them to complain about Michigan weather and gloat about the sunny days in Florida. But instead, my sister-in-law expressed what a relief it was to feel some cool fall Michigan weather. It got me thinking. I may complain when the Michigan winters drag, but I would take the change of seasons over the same weather year-round any day.


Now that we’re in the midst of Fall, I can honestly say I appreciate the change in seasons in Michigan now more than ever. Just to give you an idea, here are my top reasons why I love fall in Michigan.

Why I Love Fall in Michigan

  • Fall Foliage – Michigan offers the best views of fall foliage. Michigan Fall Foliage pics.
  • Cider Mills – Get the best of the best at a Michigan cider mill. I’m kind of obsessed with them. I’ve been to nearly every one in lower Michigan.
  • Cider Mill Donuts – Only time all year I indulge. I like them even better than Krispy Kreme donuts – and that’s saying something.
  • Football – I love taking my kids to high school football games on crisp Friday nights. My husband and I have been known to go up north for a Friday Night Lights experience that is even more quaint (Pellston, Indian River Inland Lakes, Harbor Springs High School). Throw in a Michigan or Michigan State tailgate and it doesn’t get any better – anywhere.
  • Fall colors and fashions – What can I say? My skin tone loves fall colors, and you’ve just got to love the fall looks.
  • Apple pies – Apple pies made with Michigan apples in the heart of the apple season… yum.
  • Bon fires – So comforting to stand next to a bon fire and feel the warmth, even on the coolest of Michigan nights.
  • Sweatpants – A cozy pair of thick cotton sweatpants feel so nice when it’s chilly, and even better when reading a book.
  • Halloween – I read that Michiganians spend more on Halloween than any other state. We have so many haunted houses and hayrides to enjoy out “in the boonies”.

Why are you thankful for Michigan in the Fall?

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