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Yoursphere Review – Social Media for Kids – Review of Yoursphere, the revolutionary social media website for kids. Launched in 2008, is designed to be the ultimate social media networking site for children.

Not only is Yoursphere dot com impressive from a content standpoint, it is by far the safest I’ve seen. In an age of cyberbullying and online sexual predators, Yoursphere dot com creates the safest online environment possible by having parents sign their children up to their accounts. Yoursphere dot com then verifies parent identities and does a predator database check before kids can join. Brilliant!

Kids then enter their own private virtual world where only verified Yoursphere dot com members can interact, chat, create, play games and explore. To promote good online citizenship, kids earn Yoursphere dot com reward points when they engage positively with other members. Yoursphere dot com uses sophisticated technology and goodwill ambassadors to ensure the online safety of its users.

The Yoursphere dot com content is tremendous. My 7 year old loved setting up his profile, posting pictures and making new “friends” almost immediately. Kids enter and begin clicking on “spheres” or portals dedicated to games, sports, music, fashion, music, academics and more. I’m most impressed by the wealth of content and how much age-appropriate material there is whether your child is 5 or 15 years old. Children are invited to participate in forums, discussions and to interact with other users and enter contests. Points can be accrued that go to great non virtual prizes like DVDs and i-tunes gift cards! If your child is bugging you to join facebook, look no further than Yoursphere dot com. Yoursphere even has a separate site for parents to follow all of the updates on the kids version and the latest headlines and blogposts regarding cybersafety.

Yoursphere Review – Social Media for Kids –

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