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Ziggity Zoom Kids Website Review

Ziggity Zoom dot com is an attractive site that uses pastel colors and easy navigation in targeting creative play in kids 6 and under. The creepy voices of children reciting the nav bar options as you mouse over them are a little tough to get past (try it) but once you do, the content is special.

Ziggity Zoom dot com offers the basics (games, printable coloring pages, stories) but also has some creative additions to help parents too. I think the “Sneaky Chef” blog is brilliant. The Sneaky Chef is an updated blog to help parents incorporate nutrition into tasty meals for finicky kids. Other creative Ziggity Zoom dot com additions is a Kindergarten Readiness Guide, tips for kids to explore and birthday party ideas.

My favorite feature that I’ve yet to see in another website is printable certificates you can present to your child to show them how proud you are of them. From a layout standpoint, I really enjoy that the Ziggity Zoom dot com ads and sponsors are barely noticeable. Other sites look like a cash grab while offering kids mindless flash-games. Not Ziggity Zoom dot com. Ziggity isn’t without a few minor shortcomings. One, I don’t think any of these games or activities would occupy a child approaching 6 years old. Two, the kids voice navigation thing is really creepy. If you can get past those 2 small things, Ziggity Zoom dot com is a wonderful resource.



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