Mi Lindo Cancun Petoskey

Mi Lindo Cancun Petoskey review, pics, hours, and menu info. Mi Lindo serves authentic Mexican cuisine on M-119 (Harbor Petoskey Rd) between Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Mi Lindo takes the location of the recently closed Freshwater Grill location. The restaurant opened officially on Father’s Day of 2019.

Locals and vactioners to Petoskey alike know the struggle of finding tasty authentic Mexican cuisine in Petoskey. La Seniorita has closed (thankfully, because the food was barely tolerable). Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Petoskey is decent. El Ranchero west of Downtown Petoskey near Odawa Casino is tasty (and affordable), but the service there is questionable). In fact, Mi Lindo is owned and operated by El Ranchero and run by a former El Ranchero staff member.

Mi Lindo Cancun Petoskey Pics

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Mi Lindo Cancun occupies the former Freshwater Grill location. Not much redecorating was done, it’s the same Freshwater Grill restaurant with typical Mexican motiff hung on the walls. As of this writing, Mi Lindo still doesn’t even have signage indicating the change in restaurants! Needless to say I was skeptical about the food… until I was handed the menu.

Mi Lindo Cancun menu boasts pages and pages of authentic Mexican cuisine. We’re talking impressively numerous varieties of tacos, apps, fajitas, salads, veggie plates, enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, and seafood! A lot of critics would scoff at the expansiveness of the menu, but I welcome all the choices.

I ordered a simple taco & burrito combo plate and my dining partner ordered shrimp fajitas. Very simple Mexican dishes, but they were seasoned, cooked, and prepared perfectly! Every table at the restaurant also commented on how well their food tasted. Finally a “Downstate” quality of Mexican food in Northern Michigan!

My only disappointments in Mi Lindo Cancun is that they don’t serve alcohol, and that the location, at least for now, seems a bit spartan in terms of amenities and ambiance. Hopefully, that changes. But, if you don’t care so much about the looks and just want great Mexican dishes at family affordable prices, Mi Lindo Cancun Petoskey is tough to beat!

Mi Lindo Cancun
2264 M-119 Harbor-Petoskey Rd, Petoskey, MI 49770

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For more info on Mi Lindo Cancun Petoskey, visit their facebook page.

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