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Middleton Farms Cider Mill in Shelby Twp has closed. In a facebook post from the owners of the cider mill….

To Our Faithful Customers,

Since 1956, our family has had the pleasure of servicing our community by providing a family friendly atmosphere spanning over 5 generations. We have been known for our delicious apple cinnamon donuts, fresh cider, hot pies and old fashioned candy apples. This past year has brought challenges to our family as we have lost Dianne Pini, our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend. With her loss and the decline in her husband, Rons health, we have decided to not re-open as we have been dealt many challenges. We want to thank you for all of your years of friendship, support and wonderful memories.

We look back on the times where we have pony rides, field-trips, Thanksgiving pie orders, special order painted pumpkins and family gatherings. We invite you to share photos with us from the past as a way to remember our place in the community.

With Much Love,

The Pini Family

Oakland County Moms is deeply saddened to learn of the closing of Middleton Farms. The cider, donuts, and pies were a staple of my family. Despite being the “little brother” of Yates Cider Mill just 2 miles away, Middleton was where my family went the most because of the quality and because the cider mill wasn’t a tourist attraction like the bigger cider mills. Middleton was a great place to stop for a gallon of cider, feed the geese and ducks. Middleton played a bigger role in local families’ lives than most realize. My yearly tradition of picking up a pie (and gallon of cider) the day before Thanksgiving to enjoy with our feast will seem different now. I’m leaving our original Middleton Farms Cider Mill review open as originally written more than 10 years ago as a tribute….

Middleton Cider Mill Shelby Twp – review, hours, pics, and info… Middleton Cider Mill is located on Dequindre Road in Shelby Twp, MI just off of M-59.

Most everyone in Metro Detroit is familiar with the popular Yates Cider Mill while Middleton sits virtually unnoticed just two miles down the road. Why? Well, Middleton Cider Mill isn’t quite as attractive as Yates and there isn’t as much to do to make it the tourist attraction that Yates is. But, in my opinion, Middleton is well worth the trip and compares favorably to Yates in many ways.


Middleton Cider Mill Shelby Twp Pics

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Middleton Cider Mill is the perfect place to stop for cider, donuts and pies if you don’t feel like wading through the crowds of most area cider mills. You can be in and out and gorging on donuts in less than 5 minutes. Middleton is very quaint and attractive inside – just like a general store in farm country. They offer cider, donuts, pumpkins, corn stalks, straw, gourds, Indian corn, pies, desserts and more. Middleton Cider Mill has excellent pies. They boast more than a dozen different
kinds. Try the Five Fruits of the Forest pie!

Middleton Cider Mill Pies Include

  • Hi Apple
  • Dutch Apple
  • Pumpkin
  • Caramel Apple Nut
  • Fruits of the Forest (apple, rhubarb, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry)
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Cherry Crunch
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Rhubarb
  • Pecan

Middleton Cider Mill scores big points by being SO affordable. A gallon of cider costs a full 2 dollars LESS per gallon than Yates Cider Mill and the pies are a full $5 cheaper. I actually prefer the pies at Middleton to any other Metro Detroit cider mill pie I’ve tried. The donuts aren’t quite as delicious as Yates but they hold their own (and are cheaper). Even when cider prices soared a couple years ago due to a drought, Middleton brought their prices back down when the crops were healthier.

All in all, Middleton is the perfect spot if you want to want to avoid big crowds, are short on time, and want to get the most bang for your buck. Try to leave enough time in your visit to feed the geese and the ducks!

Middleton Farmers Cider Mill Hours – Middleton is open every day from 9a-6p from September through the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Middleton Farms Cider Mill Shelby Twp
46462 Dequindre Ave
Shelby Twp, Michigan 48317

For more info on Middleton Farms Cider Mill in Shelby Twp, MI – call 586-731-6699 or visit their facebook page.

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