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Pudthai and Sushi Rochester Hills Review

Pudthai and Sushi Rochester Hills MI Review – Pics, and menu info. Pudthai and Sushi is a Thai food, Japanese cuisine and sushi restaurant located at the NW corner of Rochester and Auburn roads in Rochester Hills, Michigan in the plaza which houses Starbucks.


I took my son to Pudthai and Sushi for a nice dinner out just the two of us. We love Thai food, but had never ventured outside of our familiar Thai Inn, even though Pudthai and Sushi is very close to us. Thai Inn had always come through for us with their reasonable prices and large quantities, but this time, we wanted to try something different.


Pudthai and Sushi is a cozy restaurant that has you wanting to eat in vs. doing the typical Thai food take out. Inside, there’s a nice little Sushi bar, some booths, a flat screen TV, and a mini goldfish pond at the entrance. The place was kind of full on a Friday night at 7p.

Pudthai and Sushi Rochester Hills Menu is expansive. You will find Japanese and Thai food, and an assortment of Sushi rolls and Sashimi. Pricing is slightly higher than what we’re used to at Thai Inn, but probably just about average for what you’d expect for a quality Thai restaurant.

The food at Pudthai and Sushi Rochester Hills is fantastic and fresh. Compared to other Thai restaurants (like Thai Inn in Rochester Hills), I’d say this one has them beat in quality. I ordered the traditional Pad Se’ew with chicken and my son ordered Orange Chicken. Both were served with a nice presentation and made to order. It was nice to not have our food taste like it head been pre-cooked and reheated. The meals were served with a choice of soup (miso or hot and sour) and a basket of shrimp chips. We went with the hot and sour soup and it was the best I’ve had. My son agreed. We also ordered a spring roll with peanut sauce and a California sushi roll as appetizers. Everything was consistently fresh, quality, and tasty.

PudThai and Sushi Rochester Hills Pics

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The cooks at Pudthai and Sushi take pride in their work and it shows in their presentation. The bento boxes are beautifully arranged, and everything has that special touch to it. They really take their time with it. I saw one that was such a work of art, I wanted to ask if I could take a picture of it.

Pudthai and Sushi Rochester Hills
2964 S Rochester Rd, Rochester, MI 48307

Pudthai and Sushi Rochester Hills Hours
Mon-Fri – 11a – 9p
Sat – Noon – 9p
Sun – Noon – 8p

For more info on Pudthai & Sushi Rochester Hills, visit

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