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Sportway Waterford MI Go Kart City review, pics, info. Sportway Go Kart City racing, mini golf, batting cages, putt-putt, Eurobungy trampolines, and more. Waterford Sportway is a family fun center located off of M59 in Waterford Michigan. Sportway also has a party facility with party packages available for purchase.

Sportway Waterford MI Pics

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Sportway Waterford Go Karts
The Go Kart track at Sportway is a nice long, winding 1/4 mile track that is a perfect level for the average child (54″ and taller), and fun as well for adults. You get three laps riding in the f2000 slick karts. The Sportway Go Karts go a pretty decent speed, but not as fast as the courses that require helmets so it’s a great course for everyone. There is a price break if you purchase more tickets.

Sportway Waterford Batting Cages
The Sportway batting cages offer softball pitching, and baseball – slow, medium and fast speeds. You can purchase multiple tokens with a price break here as well. There is equipment available for use.

Sportway Waterford MI Putt-Putt / Mini Golf
The putt-putt course at Sportway has a Mining theme. The course is surrounded by waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and “mining” equipment. There are also a lot of hills incorporated into the course (mountain style), as well as some sheltered areas for some much needed shade on those hot days. It’s a par 2 course all throughout.

The Sportway Eurobungy dome is 40ft. in height and has 4 trampoline stations where you can jump on the trampoline while being lifted with assistance by bungy cords. This makes the jumping so much easier, and gets your jumps very high…allowing for flips to be done with ease. My daughter was doing double “summersault” back tucks. After a 3-minute run, you’ll be exhausted. The jumping is more exercise than you’d think, so the bungy cords are very welcomed! Anyone can get height with the Eurobungy… so it’s fun for all ages.

Sportway in Waterford is a great family destination. Pricing is more reasonable than you’d find at other similar destinations, and there’s so much to do for everyone.

Sportway Waterford
Address – 4355 Highland Road, Waterford, Michigan 48328
Phone – 248-683-9200
Website –

Sportway Waterford Hours
Monday – Thursday – 3p – 10p during school days / 10a – 11p when school lets out for the summer
Saturday – Sunday – 10a – 11p

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