Upland Hills Farm Oxford Fall Harvest Festival

Upland Hills Farm Oxford Fall Harvest Festival review, pics, and info. Upland Hills offers Harvest Festival Fall weekend fun, hayrides, field trips, summercamps, Summer Sundays, birthday parties and more at their giant farm located in Oxford MI.

Upland Hills Farm is a family owned and operated farm for the past 60 years. The Webster family’s experience and passion for what they do is more than obvious when you visit Upland Hills Farm.


We went to the Upland Hills Farm Fall Harvest Festival recently and it was filled with several family friendly fun activities and sights. Once you enter the farm, you can spend hours walking about viewing and visiting the many farm animals and shows.

Upland Hills Farm Oxford Fall Harvest Festival Pics

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Upland Hills Farm Oxford Fall Festival Info 2021

The Upland Hills Farm Fall Harvest Festival runs every Saturday and Sunday in October from 10a-5p. Upland Farms has hayrides on Friday and Saturday nights from 7p-10p.

  • October Saturdays and Sundays from 10a-5p
  • $10 Admission
  • Farm Demos
  • Magic Show
  • Hayride in the Woods
  • Storybrook Trail
  • Pumpkin Picking
  • Pony Rides
  • Cider & Donuts
  • Food trucks on-site

Admission Includes – Magic Show, Farm Show, Hayride, Storybook Trail, Playground, Visiting the Animals, and Milk a Cow.

Extras – Pony Rides-$2, Feeding the ducks – $.25, Pumpkins – sold by size, and any food from the concession stand. Allow yourself at least 2-3 hours to enjoy all of the activities or easily make an entire day of family fun at the farm.

Upland Hills Farm Oxford Fall Festival Review

There are several different barns at Upland Hills Farm that house the different animals and shows. Magic shows featuring Baffling Bill take place periodically throughout the days, as well as a staff-run Farm Show that teaches you all about the animals in an entertaining fashion. The Farm Show was cute because the staff had kids who help work the show which made it even more enjoyable and relatable for the kids in the audience. We learned about baby pigs, baby chicks, cows, roosters, hens, geese, dwarf goats, making butter, sheep shearing, and more. It was entertaining and we all learned something while watching all the animals.

Upland Hills Farm Oxford offers hay rides (included with admission) that are big enough for large groups. Tractors pull a train of hay wagons around the grounds for a fun ride.

Pony rides are available at the Upland Hills Farm Fall Harvest Festival for a couple extra bucks. The ponies are near a fun gigantic fire pit that we wanted to hang out by all day long. If only we had some marshmallows and hot dogs.

Many of the different barns housed animals, of course. The best part was that the kids could go over the barriers and step into the pen with the animals to pet them! The pot belly pigs loved this! All the animals were friendly and loved the kids. You could tell they were really used to the crowds of people and enjoyed the company and attention.

Finally, if you have the chance to go to the Upland Hills Farm Fall Harvest Festival, be sure to enjoy some time feeding the ducks – it’s way more fun than you’d think. If there’s a large group of them on the grounds, they will just about “swarm” you when you toss them food. They’re loud and super silly as they chase around in masses gathering the corn kernels. It’s especially cute when one gets a hold of the ice cream cone and tries to run with it before others can grab it away.

My kids thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Upland Hills Farm Fall Harvest Festival. The Upland Hills Farm Fall Harvest Festival is a really great family fun event for kids of all ages.


Upland Hills Farm Oxford Fall Harvest Festival
Address – 481 Lake George Rd., Oxford, MI 48370
Phone – 248-628-1611
Website – www.uplandhillsfarm.com

For more info on Upland Hills Farm Oxford, visit www.uplandhillsfarm.com

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