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Yoga Classes for Kids – Red Lotus

Yoga Classes for Kids – Red Lotus Yoga in Rochester Hills offers yoga classes for kids ages 3-7. I wanted to find out if any area businesses offered yoga for kids in Oakland County or Metro Detroit.

I contacted our friends at Red Lotus Yoga in Rochester Hills to ask more about yoga classes for kids. Here’s the interview

Oakland County Moms – Do you offer yoga classes for children at Red Lotus?

Brian Granader, Owner of Red Lotus Yoga – Yes, we offer classes for children ages 3-7 at Red Lotus Yoga. The class is offered on Saturdays from 12:15-1:15 It’s a specialized kids class with yoga, story telling and snack time. We also run an adults class in our second yoga room at the same time. This way the parents can do yoga while the kids are just across the hallway.

Oakland County Moms – What are the benefits of yoga classes for children?

Brian Granader, Owner of Red Lotus Yoga –  Benefits for the kids include greater concentration, flexibility, creativity, improved eye/hand coordination and the ability to calm down and take a yoga moment instead of a time out.

Oakland County Moms: How can kids sign up for classes?

Brian Granader, Owner of Red Lotus Yoga: All classes are held on a walk-in basis, so you simply have to show up and enjoy, no pre-registration.

I hadn’t thought about kids practicing yoga as a form of exercise until I reviewed a Playful Planet – Yoga for Kids DVD some time back. My daughter really enjoyed practicing yoga in our living room. Since kids are naturally flexible, my daughter picked up on yoga pretty quickly. I could immediately see the benefits of kids practicing yoga. Yoga is naturally calming and could also help a child in youth sports requiring dexterity and coordination. Yoga does wonders for adults – why not children?

Red Lotus Yoga
1900 S. Livernois Suite A
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

For more info on Yoga for Kids, visit the Red Lotus Yoga website

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