Hy’s Cider Mill Romeo

Hy’s Cider Mill Romeo review, hours , and info. Hy’s Cider Mill is located off of 37 Mile Road in Romeo, Michigan. Hy’s is at the northernmost part of Macomb County and located near cider mill favorites Westview Orchards, Blake’s Cider Mill, Miller’s Big Red Orchard, Stony Creek Cider Mill and others.

While it is close in proximity to the other popular cider mills, Hy’s isn’t nearly as suited for typical fall fun as the other mills. This isn’t a jab at Hy’s, they’re primary business model is making cider and shipping to stores for consumption rather than being a tourist destination.

Hy’s Cider Mill Romeo Hours

Regardless of the Hy’s Cider Mill business model, it is still a neat, rustic cider mill. It’s open weekends only in the fall (11a-6p) from after Labor Day through just after Halloween. I was given a tour by the original owner’s grandson, Luke, a few years ago and he showed me their original cider press and the brand new press. I thoroughly enjoyed the cider I had there. There are plenty of picnic tables and space to explore around the farm if you want to spend a nice fall day. You’ll feel way out in the country all the way at 37 mile road.

While it may be difficult to schedule a full day of fall fun at Hy’s Cider Mill, it is still a fun trip. You can taste Hy’s cider without having to drive out there. In the past, Hy’s cider has been featured at Papa Joe’s in Rochester Hills and many other gourmet markets around Metro Detroit.

Hy’s Cider Mill offers U-Pick (in season) for Macintosh apples, Gala apples, Cortland apples, Empire apples, Jonagold apples, Golden Delicious apples, Red Delicious apples, Ida Red apples, Northern Spy apples, Fuji apples & Russett apples. Call Hy’s to find out prime dates for u-pick.

Hy’s Cider Mill and Orchard
6350 37 Mile Rd,
Bruce, Michigan 48065

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For more info on Hy’s Cider Mill Romeo, visit www.hyscidermill.com

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